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Dreamkeepers Forums - Is Slenderman a Nightmare?

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Subscribe to this thread Is Slenderman a Nightmare? created by Prometheus on November 11, 2014

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Prometheus11/11/14 11:02pm
So, I just checked out a nicely done fan film centered around the internet horror myth, Slenderman. The film itself is called Fathom:

The dialogue from the protagonist kind of makes me wonder. If there are things out there that can break the rules of our world because they don't come from our world, would this apply to things from the Dreamworld? What if the Slenderman is a Nightmare that managed to break into our world centuries ago and molded himself into what we see him as? A human-like creature that follows no laws, no rules, no boundaries of time and space and takes away children that are never to be seen again.

Just a thought that I've had since I came across this film.

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BryanDimmsdale11/12/14 6:31am
Hmm, they are kinda related to my threads here:

Anyways, I'm assuming he is, but then again he might be just another form of spirit who has gone bad.

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Asora11/12/14 2:28pm
If Slenderman is real and turns out to be a nightmare, well, I guess we all are-

*puts on sunglasses*



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