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Dreamkeepers Forums - Volume 4 release raffle signup! (Its over!)

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Subscribe to this thread Volume 4 release raffle signup! (Its over!) created by MobileCrusader on November 10, 2014

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Asora2/9/15 12:25pm
Mobile, is it no problem if I enter my name (Asora) again, and state my reasoning as to why I want to join for a chance to win?

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ST34LTH2/9/15 1:58pm
@MobileCrusader - Uhm... Wow. What's the angle? ;3

Just kidding of course, that's really generous of you. Now I really hope I win XD

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Asora2/9/15 3:50pm
NA-UH! I'm gonna win, and no one's gonna stop me! MWMWAHAHAAHAH!

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MobileCrusader2/9/15 3:53pm
There is no field to fill out that will be viable for that. I dont read any of them anyway. All the list is for is to throw into a random generator and pull out the results. Note, Just because you are a forum member does not give you priority over any other contestant. this will be an unbiased raffle.

Right now, you are one of 58 people vying for these books. More join every week as i continue to spread the word. As it stands, I will be giving out three books.

I have $250 set aside for this raffle. At $25 a pop, 4 books (one for myself, three for the winners) will cost $100. Shipping can range all over the place, but total domestic is going to be anywhere from $20 to $50. With only two international contestants, it is more than likely going to be domestic pricing. This is going to be around $150 of the contest money. The other $100 is set aside for shipping the two preludes that have been given, emergencies, and international shipping (should it be necessary).

IF, IF, by some miracle, everything goes as planned and there is money left over, I will buy more volumes to give out.

your chances of winning as it stands are about 1.7% per book, or a total of 5.1% for vol 4 and 3.4% for prelude.

every contestant that wins is removed from the running for further winnings, so there is a building chance to get a copy.

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Asora2/9/15 3:57pm
5.1% for Vol. 4 and 3.4% for Prelude?


I'll take my chances.

*puts on EOD suit - takes out RPG-7*

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MobileCrusader2/9/15 4:02pm
Oh boy...

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crazyhead422/11/15 8:06pm
OOh, Random Post Generators. Message me some, I'd like to see their quality!

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DanWithTheHat2/26/15 5:35am
Have another sign up sheet super bump:

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sporefox12/26/15 4:35pm
I joined this for a chance at the awesomeness that volume 4 will bring o-o wonder what's going through Whip's mind through all this.

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MobileCrusader3/2/15 5:42am
What the fuck guys 30 people signed up over the weekend who signal boosted this?

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sporefox13/2/15 7:21am
no idea Mobil XD

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Tango3/2/15 1:49pm
I recall seeing someone on FA posted about it the other day, don't remember who though.

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WilliamBoyer3/2/15 5:53pm
Have vol 1-3. Interested in winning anything. #4 would be nice.

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DanWithTheHat3/5/15 4:51pm
This give-away is really going places. 30 more people in one weekend?!?! That's awesome!

Also Sign up Page Bump!

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ezioauditore973/8/15 3:40pm
I think I'm going to join though I'll purchase a copy anyways with a nice tier in the kickstarter. The more contestants the funner!

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