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Subscribe to this thread tips and tricks for a noob? created by Kymastrider on November 9, 2014

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Kymastrider11/9/14 12:07pm
alright well, I'd like to do some DK role playing, the problem is I have no idea how to, I have not done very much role playing on chat rooms so I don't even know where to start or how to start.

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ZycantAlpha11/9/14 9:17pm
Well, I guess start by trying to make a character you like. If you've already done that, there's a RP going on right now that you could post your character sheet to in the Headless section.

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CoolCoyote11/9/14 10:16pm
And there is no shortage of people who like to help where they can ^^.

Everyone has their own style and things they are best at. Me, I can give tips on story flow, descriptions, ballenced fight scenes, etc etc. I am however new to the forum so my knowlege of ic ( in character) events and in game lore (things your character should know, like general history or how quickly police arive at a bar room brawl) are sketchy at best.

First things first though, how much role play experience do you have? (Forums, mucks, writing either professional or casual)

And what would you like to know? :3

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Kymastrider11/10/14 7:23am
As far as I know I have like zero role playing experience, this is literally my first time. I'd like to know what category's there are to join in on role playing and how do I introduce my character into the story, also are there certain times that have to be scheduled like say Friday or Saturday night?

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Corvus11/10/14 8:06am
I don't have much time at the moment so I will have to be brief:
Categories- At the moment we only have one active RP around by the name of Shadows of Calypsa, if you really want another sort of RP you can try pushing for other people to get one up and running.
Introducing Characters - The general rule of introducing characters in a Roleplay is 'Use the Door, not the Window' which more or less means introduce them at a point where it would make sense to; This may mean waiting awhile before getting connected in with the rest of the group, but it keeps things much cleaner. Of course if someone is acting as a Storyteller/Game Master just defer to them on how to get connected in.
Times - Required times would be set entirely by game rather than across all RPs in general; currently I don't think the active RP has such a scheduled time.
If you need any further advice feel free to ask.

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CoolCoyote11/10/14 8:58am
Well i had one very long drawn out post to share with you but the site auto logged me out of it and it got lost :p

First things first, making an alt.

Alts generally need:

Physical appearence:

Personality: how your character acts on a normal basis. Doesnt have to be very long.

Strengths: things that give your alt an advantage. Either fighting skills to personality traits and etc.

Flaws: things that put them at a dissadvantage. Either physical mental or emotional. In a nut shell, any thing the majority of people can do well on a daily basis, but your alt can not, is a flaw. Like poor reading skills to mental disorders to missing limbs. Those would be example of flaws. Not being able to use so and so weapon or not being able to heal others are NOT flaws, they are things your alt isnt skilled at. There is a difference between the two :3

I try to put in at least one more flaw than strengths for my alts.

Power: (if he has one) what the power is, what it does, how well does the character use it or how experienced he is with it, what are its limitations.

(Note: please refrain from making your alt like Batman with Superman powers. Characters who are able to fight any villain with ease make for rather boring stories XD. In the rp community we call them God Moders or 'mary sue' characters, basically alts who can do EVERYTHING ^^ )

History: Your history can be any length (usually a few parigraphs works, anything longer than a page and most will skim over it) it just needs to cover where they come from, important events in their lives, where they are now, and where they want to go.

And pretty much anything else you can think of. I can refure you to some links I made for another site on making descriptions

Hope this helps :D

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CoolCoyote11/10/14 4:19pm
Also, if anyone wants some practice with rp I can run a private message rp with them. Just send me a pm.

Keep in mind that at the moment I will be slow due to rl.

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Asora11/10/14 7:02pm
Hello everyone, I just going through here. Don't mind me.


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