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Subscribe to this thread What were the Silent Centuries? created by Kymastrider on November 4, 2014

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SuperTurbo411/6/14 5:11pm
Well, I suppose any knowledge of their existence would jeopardize their plans for revenge, wouldn't it?

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MobileCrusader11/7/14 9:29am
Indeed. It only Makes sense that they would take more care to ensure that their plans go off without a hitch this time.

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SuperTurbo411/7/14 2:13pm
Yeah. Imagine how they'd feel if everybody found out the truth?

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MobileCrusader11/7/14 10:21pm
Well, when nightmares are flooding the streets with gore, I think the truth will be obvious.

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ZycantAlpha11/7/14 10:24pm
Yeah, the only thing keeping it from being crystal clear will probably be the blood from the poor first real victims. Mind you, Andurunia's government will probably also try to keep things under wraps for as long as they can when it happens to try to prevent a panic among the general populace.

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BryanDimmsdale11/8/14 2:21am
"The stories left to history are embellished beyond recognition, but the one theme in all accounts is that of terror. It is clear that the legendary palace inspired near religious fear in the populace of the time. Paranoid oral accounts told of infants being snatched away to the dark edifice for bloody rituals ranging from sacrifice to cannibalism. Other versions claimed that the diabolical residents preserved the corpses of children to decorate their stone halls, or crafted chandeliers from the bones of innocents, or held mock courts condemning dissidents to be fed live to domesticated nightmares."

"One clue regarding the time period is the nomenclature of the Anduruna calendar. Dating from the end of the Silent Centuries and the beginning of modern history, 0 A.D. stands for 'After Dominion', and years predating this period are termed 'During Dominion'. This imaginative terminology has led many to assume that the Silent Centuries were a time wherein the population was subjugated by some sect or occupying force, but solid facts remain elusive."

I've been digging again for these; hooray for me! I found these in the Silent Centuries Part.

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Taller4211/14/14 4:38pm

Well... Let's remember that Nabonidus decided that he doesn't want to destroy (Lord Void's goal). He wants to rule.

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ZycantAlpha11/14/14 7:17pm
Yeah, but he wasn't the one in charge to begin with. It's possible the Silent Centuries ended with Azuru disappearing and Nabonidus taking over. At which point, the goal would have changed and the attacks would have slowed down considerably.

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BryanDimmsdale11/15/14 10:31pm
But remember guys, whoever wins between them, we still lose.

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BloodyGoldKnight11/16/14 6:35am
I wonder if the archives have info on the silent centuries or does the archives creation come after that?

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Prometheus12/2/14 6:38pm
I kind of see the Silent Centuries being somewhere along the lines of this dialogue in Freespace: The Great War: a survivor of an ancient empire conquering hundreds of galaxies before being attacked by "the Destroyers" and eventually killed off. I can imagine an ancient empire in the Dreamworld's forgotten history on a hot streak of conquests when they are attacked and annihilated by the Nightmares.

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SuperTurbo412/3/14 3:28am
I think you just described the rise and fall of Rome.

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Prometheus12/3/14 9:35pm

You mean the conquests of Alexander the Great until his death and the collapse of his army?

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SuperTurbo412/3/14 11:04pm

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Prometheus12/3/14 11:09pm
No, I'm curious. I don't really know anything about the Romans and their conquests. What was I describing that could be compared to Rome's fall?

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