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Subscribe to this thread What were the Silent Centuries? created by Kymastrider on November 4, 2014

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Kymastrider11/4/14 5:30pm
I'm still new to the forums but I thought a good topic to get into is one that's intrigued me since day one.

I suppose many know that our own world is filled with ancient forgotten history, and long lost civilizations,

The Silent centuries are 700 years of dreamworld history that is either lost or not recorded. This is going to be my own speculation but also with what I've read. Its mentions in 750-DD an unknown plague was spreading across the dreamworld, the origins of Anduruna also seem to be lost in time but it says many dreamkeepers came to this region and created the 7 districts of the city we know today, most likely because of this regions solitude and safety.

Anyone who's read volume 1 remembers the underlord mentioning that they almost succeeded in killing all the dreamkeepers but somehow they were vanquished. Could the nightmares be the for mentioned plague, and is it coincidence that what I hypothesize as the 7 major cultures in the dreamworld just settle in Anduruna on there own with each of there cultures carefully preserved in there own region? Was the sky road also made with a greater purpose to protect the remaining dreamkeepers from the nightmares?

I am curious to hear what others have to say about the silent centuries.

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Prometheus11/4/14 8:21pm
I always thought the Silent Centuries was when the Nightmares last attacked, going on an all-out offensive to destroy as much as possible and kill all dreamkeeper life. It got to the point where they were able to corral the dreamkeepers and march them to their death, but something went wrong as Scuttler explained to Void. How this caused the Nightmares to be defeated and the dreamkeepers to survive has yet to be revealed. I tend to point the finger at Nabonidus, but that's just me.

But, this may explain why history just dropped off the radar and how the Sky Road and Anduruna came to be. In fact, Anduruna may very well be the only major nation left in the Dreamworld after this point in history.

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DanWithTheHat11/4/14 8:33pm
Based on the facts you brought up, the silent centuries do make the most sense for when the nightmare war/occupation occurred. If you go to the ancient times description before the Silent Centuries, there is this interesting paragraph:

"Rational minds in modern Anduruna do not allot plausibility to such stories. One sweeping trend does stake a spot in historic fact, however. Beginning in roughly 750 D.D., catastrophic change began to cascade across the face of the Dreamworld. Something initiated a widespread collapse of culture; legend attributes it to a tide of black death blanketing the landscape. Whatever the cause, panic-laced records of the time become increasingly sparse in the following decades, relating stories of mass population displacement and slaughter until, in 724 D.D., there is an utter blackout of recorded history. Not a single record, not a single page of parchment is left from this time. History is utterly silent for over 700 years."

To me, that really sounds like the nightmares 100%.

I believe though that the Sky Road and the wall separating each culture weren't made by the Dreamkeepers but made by the nightmares to contain and control the Dreamkeepers until they were ready to kill them all. Maybe the DKs were also contained so the nightmares could perform a ritual of some type with them. The history does mention that they would make sacrifices to in the central main mansion which was filled with "horrors". Scuttler does also mention in vol 1 that they were almost ready to have them all executed as well.

Another fact that supports an occupation of some type was that the DKs made a secret vault at this time to store their history away from the eyes of something. That something could very well be the nightmares.

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ZycantAlpha11/5/14 2:20pm
I agree. It fits the timeline pretty well, and the possibility of war was mentioned. It would also explain the lack of writing since when in a state where you might not be able to survive, keeping notes seems trivial.

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Kymastrider11/5/14 3:02pm
I haven't thought about it before but the idea of Anduruna being creafted by the nightmares to contain the dreamkeepers until they were ready to kill is an interesting theory.

Here's something else, starting at 1 A.D. onward they record encountering just one other Dreamkeeper nation the Extollo or Serapeons. Since the end of that war between 0-10 A.D. it doesn't seem like anyone in Anduruna is aware or had contact with Serapis or its dreamkeepers.

This sort of gets me thinking are there other Dreamkeeper nations out there or was Serapis the last one and if so how did its Dreamkeepers survive the blight of nightmares that supposable consumed the rest of the Dreamworld since 1 A.D. was when the Andurunas started recording history again and it's suggested that Serapis must have been a prosperous nation even during the Silent Century's, do they supposably have or had any recording of history during those 700 years assuming Serapis still even exists?

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Taller4211/5/14 3:13pm
Hey! What if that History was documented, but was removed by Dark Dreamkeepers? Deffinitely would facilitate the current society of writing them off as a myth...

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DanWithTheHat11/5/14 5:42pm
Volume 3 spoilers ahead so don't read if you are following along with the free updates but..... Mr. Peaks did find that there were history and reference books that were disappearing from the library. Some censorship is definitely going on with the official records. I think we may find some of the real truth if Mace and Co ever find that vault under the tower. Maybe in Volume 4?

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SuperTurbo411/6/14 4:26am
I imagine it was a very powerful Dreamkeeper who defeated the Nightmares in the end.

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MobileCrusader11/6/14 7:19am
That theory reminds me of Full Metal Alchemist.

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SuperTurbo411/6/14 9:14am
Well, maybe Mace is a descendent of that Dreamkeeper?

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MobileCrusader11/6/14 9:43am
Or reincarnation. Can't reallyvrule anything out as of yet..

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SuperTurbo411/6/14 10:01am
Never considered reincarnation.

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MobileCrusader11/6/14 10:17am
Dave may have. We dunno.

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SuperTurbo411/6/14 10:21am
Only Dave knows.
Anyway, as for the Silent Centuries, perhaps writing became a lost art for 700 years?

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MobileCrusader11/6/14 1:06pm
Could be. I personally think they were just short on the tools or completely absorbed in survival.

Or the subtle minions of the nightmares have stolen the history over the years to prevent analysis.

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