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Subscribe to this thread Gregori the Pepper created by Foxer360 on October 22, 2014

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Foxer36010/22/14 10:18pm
Not really sure what to say about this one, other than that it isn't my strongest piece.

Good thing Nama doesn't like to eat veggies, it seems like. Not that she'd eat her bestie, but you never know.

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Asora10/23/14 2:41pm

.......go sit on that chair over there near the desk Mr.Foxer360, we are going to have a little talk.

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Foxer36010/23/14 9:10pm

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Asora10/24/14 10:09am

*throws chair*

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PotatoFox10/24/14 10:32am
No, he is not. I AM! For I am the glorious moderator PotatoFox and I decree that Asora is to return the thrown chair to whence it came! Lest he face the wrath of my POWERS! *waves fingers in satirical magical sense*

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Asora10/24/14 3:39pm
OH! Um.....

(awkward silence)

Surely you can't be serious?

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BryanDimmsdale10/24/14 8:47pm
Yeah, I think you commit a minor offense there in your last post, dude. It's like you really wanna fight or something. I know it's just RP, but keep it in a tolerable level, you don't wan't to be given a ticket by the officers (moderators), do you?

I believe Potatofox is half serious here.

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Asora10/24/14 8:48pm

P.S. YOU HAVE RUIND THE JOKE! (no offense)

I smell weird
Also, PotatoFox is glorious

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PotatoFox10/25/14 3:06am
I do not care about any jokes and yes, I was being half serious. However I will be fully serious here. It takes a lot of swearing to make me uncomfortable, I grew up on a military base surrounded by soldiers who excelled in swearing.
However, many users on here are potentially not used to that sort of language. I shall use Asoras most recent post in the Scuttler thread (10/25/14 3:12am) as an example. Besides being a Role Play outside of the Role Play area (tolerable in of itself), it makes use of the word "FUCK" (capitalization included) six times. Additionally, the use of the word "SCUNT" hints at yet another profanity, something which I believe to have been deliberate. Finally, the contents of lines 9 through 11 are excessively violent and utterly inappropriate in any capacity on this forum of mixed age users.
Non-compliance actions that I am unwilling to take:
-User Ban
Non-compliance actions that I am willing to undertake:
-Editing and deleting of posts as I see fit.
As proof of intent, I will edit three posts of my choosing.

This post is not something I enjoyed writing. In fact, I was rather hoping I would never have to write something like this, but the use of inappropriate and unsuitable language and excessive violence in RP outside of the RP threads has been incessant. This will be your first warning from me. Do not force my hands to write another.

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Asora10/25/14 6:02am
*notices that things just got real*

Okay, okay! I will stop, PotatoFox. Sorry for the language.

Also, the reason why I used excessive cursing was because that I thought it was going to be funny at first. Then I realized what a dumb move that was. If I had the chance to send an apology video, I will do it right now.

My own fault and guilt is on this, and I again sincerely apologize.

Also, for some reason, you have edited my post. And due to that, I kinda found it funny. No, seriously though, I am not joking, I literally found that funny! XD

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PotatoFox10/25/14 6:33am
Maybe I was somewhat heavy handed in the previous post. Regardless, I am glad that we have come to an understanding and hopefully you will be able to maintain a pleasant contribution to the forum while refraining from swearing or otherwise inappropriate role-play. We do enjoy your theories, but please behave yourself.

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Asora10/25/14 6:36am
Understood. Sorry for the troubles PotatoFox. Again, my sincere apologies.

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Foxer36010/25/14 3:15pm
Gregori is amused by this off topic discourse.

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Asora10/25/14 3:17pm
That is not the case Mr.Foxer. Now please, sit down.

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BryanDimmsdale10/28/14 1:37am
I wonder if we have Gregori stuff toys in the real world?

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