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joeden1/1/15 10:48pm
Romulus had visited the general's office and made his proposal to the top and had the information and orders sent out and returned to his office.

Cyprus working in room would hear a slight laughter as a voice spoke, "I see my brother has you looking for dead people, but he missed some, some who are classified and higher up. Don't worry I'll help you out, all you have to do is find out who of the five are alive, in return just tell Rommy, Remus says hi." With that the voice was gone and five profiles dropped down in front of Cyprus and the person who dropped them was naught to be found.

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ZycantAlpha1/2/15 11:25am
Cyprus continued his search through the files when he heard he laughter of someone nearby. He looked up to see another Dreamkeeper standing in front of the table where he was working. This was someone new, but that wasn't the important issue. The Dreamkeeper informed Cyprus that there were a few classified files that the Colonel had missed and handed him another five profiles to look through. The Dreamkeeper (Remus apparently) then left telling Cyprus to give a message of hello to his brother.

The skunk began looking through the remaining files that were given to him by Romulus, going through them as he had done the others...only to come up empty. He sighed and looked around, contemplating widening his search and going through the profiles again. His eyes drifted over to the files that were given to him by Remus. He hadn't even touched those yet. He wondered if he should, when he remembered what the Dreamkeeper had told him.

He picked up the five profiles and opened the first one.

"Find out who's alive, huh?"

He looked through them, trying to spot which ones had any incongruities with their death. After a while of cross-referencing, he only got one person who could have any question as to whether or not they were still alive. He'd have to tell Romulus about this, but he wondered what it meant.

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CoolCoyote1/6/15 12:28pm
So that was the choice? Hide and wait for the creature to eventually come and eat him, or fight back and...probibly still get eaten. Dylan sighed deeply.

Running both paws through his hair the reptilian fox looked like he had been awake for days. It certainly felt that way. Dylqn was never much of a fighter. Not really much of a runner either. He always managed to get along with people, and managed to talk his way out of being beaten up by those who did not.

He doubted that monsters would listen to reason. No, it was going to come after him sooner or later and he would have to fight it or live with the knowlege that someone else fought it for him.

Dylan was many things, greedy, gluttonous, even a bit of a coward. But this wasnt a time where he could sit back and let someone else fight his battles. It was the time for action.

"Well then. What are we waiting for?" The fox pushed his chair away from the table. Standing up a translucient blue halo formed around his head. The floor crackled as a long shaft of blue light shot out of the floor, or rather formed from the floor with out damaging it, and extended into the fox's open paw.

The end of the shaft became a spear head. It curved at the end, becoming serrated.

"Let's go monster hunting."

Dylan was showboating and he knew it but he was determined to quell any thoughts that he would be useless.

He could tell them later that he had no idea how to use a spear...or that he ment to create a sword...but what they didnt know wouldnt hurt them, right?

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joeden1/12/15 10:40am
Romulus was back in his office quietly using a chess board with many different pieces placing them in accordance to his notes on the situation and everything else. He was sure he was missing something but what? What was he missing?

Jamie gave Dylan a quick jab to the gut saying, "you ain't walking out of here with your power on twit you want every shock within a mile to show up at our front door? they got ways to detect power use. And besides its not like we know where they are based." Ollow then noticed a beep on the data scroll and said, "looks like we might have a potential location a warehouse two clicks north of us, seen some strange happens the last few days."

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CoolCoyote1/21/15 9:07am
Dylan yelped. The spear shimmered and began to simply disintigrate into smaller particals. As if it just turned to dust while at the same time growing more and more transparent until it blinked out of existance.

Rubbing the side of his stomach where he was jabbed. "Give me the moment!" He whined. Then with a faint smile he continued, "Fair point though. So we go to this warehouse and scout it out. That sounds, safe enough."

The reptilian fox then added quizically. "Ok this is going to sound like a completely dumb question but, why are the shocks not in on this? They would have the means to fight these things right?"

Dylan had a sinking feeling that he already knew why the shocks were not hunting down monsters. He gave them the benifit of the doubt simply for hope that the government he lived under wasn't either too incompitent to protect its citizens or worse...already part of it.

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Aman37121/22/15 7:20pm
From the very moment she heard the report of the crime scene on her radio, the grey, three tailed tiger/cat quickly gathered all of her things and rushed out of her apartment room. As she rushed through the hallways, she clumsily bumped into a number of other people and almost tripped when she was taking the stairs to the first floor. Finally exiting the building, she grabbed her bicycle which was locked onto a light pole and blasted along the sidewalk, eager to get to the crime scene. Though years of obsessive research, Bella Nayoko, a cute, five foot tiger/cat who wore brown tight jeans along with a short sleeve shirt with orange, violet, and brown Aztec patterns. Bella had light grey fur with orange stripes down her back, three tails, and green eyes. She also had a pair of glasses and a large travel backpack full of her research.

She served her bike around walking pedestrians to avoid crashing into anyone. Bell was certain that this crime scene was caused by a creature called a "Sandman" she'd been spying on for the past four months, recording data on her mother's notebook. In fact, she'd named it "Bonny" since she usually saw it collecting bones. Although she only had her own absurd theories on why this was, Bella was sure that Bonny had something to do with what happened and has determined to reach the crime scene. In the name of her research.

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ZycantAlpha2/8/15 8:55pm
Cyprus thought. Admittedly, original thought wasn't really his forte, but he'd have to give it a shot if anything were to be done. First, why could this person have faked their death?

The obvious answer would be that someone had been chasing them, but that didn't feel right. Nothing in the file suggested an enemy that could put this Dreamkeeper's life in any real danger. So, what about the reverse? What if there was someone who could put his life in real danger that the profile didn't mention? It was possible, but he couldn't think of anyone in particular. Then again, he didn't really know the person's life well enough to actually solve the problem.

Cyprus sighed, and walked to the bookshelf with the files. He began to search for someone who could put this Dreamkeeper at risk. Maybe one of them had the chance to meet him.

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joeden2/14/15 5:59pm
Jamie grabbing his coat and hat said, "They think them fairy tales and the dreamkeepers who work for the Nightmares keep all activity under silence and disposes of anyone who knows of them or digs to deep. We got no help from them; it gets worse my old team Havoc squad is still around and they're all dark dreamkeepers who will try to kill us if we make ourselves known. That and they're extremely deadly and well known for their fighting skills. Now shall we head out?" Jamie ready got up and started moving to the door as Jessica followed Ollow setting the datascrolls up as Specter happily handed everyone a wristband.

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CoolCoyote2/15/15 12:37pm
Dylan swollowed a gasp of air. He took one of the wristbands with out really looking at it. He was still fighting off the urge to curle up into a ball and cry himself to sleep.

"May tax money at work right?" The reptilian fox laughed. The laughter was hallow and made more out of a copeing mechisim rather than joyful mirth.

Begrudgingly Dylin followed his new 'team members', rubbing his arm nervously as he did. He was never much of a fighter but he had gotten into a few scraps here and there.

The streets could be dangerous. Thieves, muggers, irate customers, if he could survive there then he could survive anywbere.

Yet no matter how many times he told himself that it still didnt bring himself any comfort...

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joeden4/14/15 6:44pm
Jamie and Jessica, led Dylan to the warehouse, as Ollow stayed in radio contact back at the house. Jamie said to the group, "Jessica you take our friend and search the Right, i'll go left?" Jessica replied, "Got it cuz; come on Dylan lets move before we're food." Jamie took off to the left and Jessica to the right.

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CoolCoyote4/16/15 8:21pm
The reptilian fox followed the draconic fox. Dylan did his best to keep up but it was clear that Dylan was not a physically active dreamkeeper.

Huffing and puffing Dylan swore he was going to lose weight...asuming the nightmare didnt help him do so by eating him.

"so...this is probbibly a bad time to ask...but how do you kill a nightmare?"

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ZycantAlpha4/18/15 1:18pm
Cyprus closed his eyes and sighed, placing the next file down on the table. This was getting him nowhere. Just like before, there wasn't a single Dreamkeeper who fit the description. Nobody in the station's profiles hit the necessary bases to make this ghost scared. Something wasn't right here, but he couldn't put his finger on it. This case was far from normal, and nothing seemed to be adding up.

For about half a second he'd considered the fairy tales that he'd heard as a child. The cautionary tales of the monsters that plagued Dreamkeepers: The Nightmares. He laughed quietly after the thought entered his mind. That was impossible. The tales were just that: tales. Legends. Designed to keep children obeying their parents.

He opened his eyes and sighed again. Something was definitely wrong, but he was positive that eldritch abominations from another dimension weren't the cause. Though one thing was certain for him: he was just as confused as he was before he went to the bookshelf.

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