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Subscribe to this thread DK in Foreword magazine? created by Animefan18 on October 11, 2014

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Animefan1810/11/14 8:46pm
so I was in Barnes and Nobles after my morning college class and I found this magazine that reviews self publish works, even graphic novels, so what I was thinking that we should send them dreamkeepers to reach more people ?


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ZycantAlpha10/12/14 12:37pm
Sounds like a good idea, how do we send recommendations?

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Animefan1810/12/14 6:30pm
I already sent a message asking them, for now...we wait

Hello [Name Here],
It sounds like you are wanting to submit a graphical novel series for review by Foreword. Our editor, Matt Sutherland is currently looking for titles coming out in the spring for review in the Foreword Reviews magazine.

Books that have already been published can purchase a Clarion Review that would be posted on our high traffic website and in the databases of the major book distributors.

You can also send a sales sheet about the series to our graphic novel blogger Allyce Amidon.

You can find the email addresses on our website or use the first name plus Hopefully that answers your question.

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