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Subscribe to this thread Your Multimedia Fantasies for DK created by Prometheus on October 9, 2014

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Prometheus10/25/15 4:59pm
Time to resurrect this thread. XP

So, I had a fun idea. If DK ever gets animated, it would be awesome if someone made a parody of this death montage of the Final Destination movies. I expect DK to get pretty gory as it goes on and with so many characters introduced, there should be plenty of death scenes to go around.

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Lycanphoenix10/25/15 5:58pm
I have a few ideas for multimedia stuff:
- Fully-animated Dreamkeepers Movie: Preferably with at least the same smoothness in animation as Akira
- Dreamkeepers-themed music video: Using the footage from the DK movie above, synced perfectly with the music.
- Dreamkeepers game on Unreal Engine 4, set up like Tales from the Borderlands and the other Telltale Games products.
- Tabletop RPG set in the Dreamworld, using a modification of Pathfinder rules
- The GNS, as is, but in a bunch of different languages (it would sell like hotcakes in Japan)
- A novel about Grunn, Igrath and Scinter, taking place before the events of the Prelude webcomic
- An album by various musicians (such as Wolfgun) with lyrics based on the characters and events in Prelude and the GNS

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