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Subscribe to this thread Share your 3DS friend codes here! created by DanWithTheHat on October 4, 2014

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Kirito5/30/15 12:02pm
I'll add you as soon as I can :^)

We really should organize smash tournaments.

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FoxBrethren5/31/15 11:30pm
Yes a smash tournament... I look forward to losing horribly to some of you XD

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Wulfspyder6/1/15 3:29pm
What Hunter Rank are you FoxB?

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FoxBrethren6/1/15 5:58pm
3... I'm being slow at the moment because it's my first Monster Hunter game

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Wulfspyder6/2/15 6:47am
It's a bit of a learning curve, but it smooths out once you have a favorite weapon and hunt a couple individuals from each monster type.

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FoxBrethren6/2/15 9:14am
Insect Glaive is my favorite actually but that's because the staff is my favorite in real life, long sword comes a close second and I liked the light bowgun but I can't see myself using it in single player. There's still a lot of weapon types to try though. When I say I'm taking it slow I mean I'm taking my time to appreciate the story, though I do struggle the first time I face a new monster but I haven't failed a story mission yet... I came close a couple of times but that's it.

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Wulfspyder6/2/15 12:22pm
Well, if you wanna play some Gathering Hall quests, I'm available alot of the time. Sitting at hunter rank 93 and G2.

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FoxBrethren6/2/15 9:13pm
Sure, can I invite my Roommate(s)? lol One of them is pretty high up there in his rank and really loves the games and got excited the moment I mentioned one of the people I added from the Dreamkeepers forum having the game as well

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Wulfspyder6/3/15 7:38am
No prob.

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DanWithTheHat6/14/15 8:22pm
I added ya FoxBrethren.

I would love to play a smash tourney with you guys but I think it may kill my thumb stick for good. Brawling with FoxPhantom, Taridum, and Sukotto made the stick not like the up direction too much anymore. XD

Good way for a DS to go at least. In battle!

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WiseOwlReader6/21/15 7:28pm
Does anyone here play Fire Emblem: Awakening?

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FoxBrethren6/21/15 8:13pm
Me. I do. First DS game I got when I was given my first DS which is my 3DS

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