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Subscribe to this thread Looking for Group created by CoolCoyote on October 3, 2014

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CoolCoyote10/21/14 3:10pm
Usually it is good to have an ic thread and ooc thread. The ic thread is where only posts to the story go. The ooc is there for chatter and plot making. Ooc chatter can really bloat a thread if one isnt carefull ao its usually a good idea to have an ooc thread for large story lines. Small ones, not so much.

Depends mostly on you ^^

Once i get an idea on what the story is I'll see if I should bring Dylqn or an npc, seeing as how dylan is currently involved in another story. That and npcs have a higher chance of getting killed off >:3 making the danger scenes a little more gripping than usual :D

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Asora10/24/14 8:47pm
Thats sounds good then! Thanks for the info CoolCoyote.

I suggests that instead of sending pm's back and forth about ideas and opinions on my DK's role-playing storyline, we should instead make a OOC thread, because I think that would be much easier. Also, the OOC will focus on the 1st chapter of the story that will be around 20 to 25 pages of it, so I think that that will be good enough for a long RP story.

Does that sound good?

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CoolCoyote10/24/14 10:20pm
Sure ^^ sounds good. I dont want spoilers but i can use general plot ideas to better tailor my npc or alr to the story and see if Dylan would be a good fit or if I should make a different character.

Ive got a few ideas on characters i would like to rp but havnt had any places to put them yet ^^

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Asora10/25/14 6:11am
Perfect! I will try and get some time to set-up the OOC thread of my RP story and also the summary of the story it self!

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