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BryanDimmsdale9/26/14 6:26am
Heya guys, I decided to make a fanfic similar to Kafelnikov's "The Wayward Astronomer", but more of a comic style. So if you guys have some ideas before I start my work, you can comment. For now here are the elements:



Bryan Dimmsdale

A 22 year old fox/hound hybrid with peach brown fur, dark brown eyes, black nose, and thin eyelashes. He's 5'8" tall and medium sized. He is one of the troopers (duh) keeping peace and order in Anduruna. He is the only one religious (or prove me wrong here XD) in the force, and he, unlike the others , is a kind and energetic type, loves to befriend, and everybody's favorite companion.

But, not all wants to be with him because not only of him being a shock trooper, he has a bipolar condition, or mood-swings which others called it, (might be similar to Wisp) that has a tendency to switch every mood dramatically occasionally, and he talks to himself sometimes which is quite disturbing.

His rank in the force at the moment is Private First Class. Powers are not yet known, however some say he is a pyrokinetic "spark combustion" type of person due to his dramatic personality/mood.

He lives at the Theophanies District (Near East margin of the map). He's the only child in his family, and he and his parents lives separately; yet he seems happy about it, because he treats his friends as they were siblings

Carlos Gonzalez

A 20 year old fox/cat hybrid with darker peach brown fur, black eyes, black nose, and thick eyelashes. He's 4'8" tall and small sized, unlike his tall best friend, Bryan. They has very similar interest and they've known each other since kids. He doesn't like seeing people get hurt and does not like watching bloody and gory movies. He, like Bryan, is also a very religious person and tends to go to the church every Sunday.

He is a very optimistic, but very calm and friendly; also nice and supportive towards others, in short very hospitable even to strangers. An additional personality would be him being the funniest person in the group, making him a comical relief. He thinks of himself as an introvert, listening and watching others in a still and warm environment, but his friends says otherwise. By the way he's the youngest among friends.

His lives in the Margate District (Southwest part) and he and his family's livelihood is fishing and trading. Even though Theophanies is far away, he goes there to attend masses early in the morning, and then went to Bryan's house after that. His family consists of his parents, and his elder brother and sister. His neighbors are his second family;grandparents, aunts and uncles, and his cousins. Sum them up, they're 21 (woah).

His are also not yet known, and that's maybe good because many Anduruna peacekeepers are paroling the area; not that his family violate the law or anything. Another note that they are part of so called "Water tribe" because they live near the shores together with his other cultural people.

Xiao Wang Fei

A 22 yr old siamese/bobcat hybrid with cream whited coated fur (including her face unlike the other siamese race) with some stripes, red eyes and nose, black pony tailed hair, and straight eyelases. Height is 5'6" and proportional in waistline. Unlike the other two, her beliefs are more of the philosophical and balance nature, and wise teachings.

She's is well known and trusted, however she's quite strict at things and despite her beliefs she thinks logically and direct. She is a diligent and punctual person as well. She doesn't like crowded and noisy and prefer peaceful meadows or well lighted rooms for her to read books and meditate.

She lives in the Kojiki District (at the center with little to the left), making her one of the "Orient" people who live in zen houses. Since she is an "Orient", she loves playing mahjong and solving mathematical problems which most of her friends dislike and making her the active nerd among friends. The only family member she has is her mother who lives with her. Though she is often out and goes to Bryan's place sometimes (to lecture him XD).

She somehow hates and ignores Carlos simply because he's a "water tribe", despite Carlos being kind and nice to her and only wanted to be her friend. The reason why she hate "water tribes", including "River Clans" who lives on the Calypsa District, is because of a "certain" incident that happened a long time ago when she was a child.

Her powers is typically speed and agility boost, which can accelerate gradually over time, and she use martial arts, specifically tai-chi and wushu, to knock down anyone who threatens her.

Kaijin K Takamahara

A 21 yr old dog/fox mix with orange fur, green eyes, black hair, black nose, and red spots. His height is 5'9", making him the tallest among the six friends (atm of course) with an adequate body. His personalities consists of 60% of an introvert; conservative and secretive, but very respectful and polite. His friends barely even notices him when he comes and goes, and often surprise them when he just butt-in into a conversation. He treats his friends equally and fairly and finds a peaceful solution to problems.

Ironically as an introvert, he likes crowded places and is an outgoing person, the reason why his friends barely has contact with him. Which is also why he mostly founds and lives on the Calypsa District (near Novondire at the middle), but originally born in Kojiki where his parents are, and he's the only child as well. He has some beliefs of his own, but unlike his other friends, he doesn't show them.

He's a "Dojo person", leaving near with the "Orients" when he's in Kojiki, meaning he learns and believes like a ninja and a bishonen, adding to his sneaky and quiet characteristics. Furthermore, he illegally trains somewhere at the Calypsa with his sword abilities and his jutsu.

His power is to become invisible and "silence" his enemies, which is quite useful when he doesn't want to be seen by suspicious gangs in Calypsa. He also serves as a "vigilante" for the Shocktroopers that gives Bryan some useful confidential information, despite Bryan forbidding him to do so else he would arrest him; luckily for Kaiji his friend considers it, for now.

Andrew Collins

(Plot vault)

Diana Collins

(Also plot vault)

Settings: DK world, mostly focuses on Anduruna.

Genre: Action and Adventure, rated 13 for now.

Plot/Summary of the story: (Temporary)

Bryan Dimmsdale is doing his usual everyday life: working, training, communicating to people, patrolling the streets, and doing household chores. He also hangout with his friends sometime (actually they are in his house/apartment most of the time XD) usually doing what friends do. One day, while his patrolling the streets alone, he was suddenly attacked by sandmen out of the blue, and fortunately defeating them and discovering his new powers. Now, he wants to find out the mystery of those creatures he have never seen before and appearing out of nowhere, leading him and his friends finding out a darker and more sinister secret waiting for them, and that leads to the greatest and dangerous adventure for their lives. But, before he begin, he needs to convince his fellow Anduruna Authorities, specially the higher rank officials and the government, for the coming of an unknown threat, and he has to deal with a dark dreamkeeper who started it all.


What do you guys think?

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