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Dreamkeepers Forums - Sukotto here, howdy everyone.

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Subscribe to this thread Sukotto here, howdy everyone. created by Sukotto on September 20, 2014

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Sukotto9/20/14 5:25am
I've been meaning to come around the forums to be more active in Dreamkeepers again.

I'm sukotto, I like drawing, videogames, comics and storytelling in general.
I've been reading Dreamkeepers since 2009, it is one of the greatest stories I had ever read. Ever since I saw the artwork my own art has been influenced by Dave.
I had attempted to be a spanish translator for Dreamkeepers back in the day but I was told that I wasn't experienced enough.

I was here in the "ye olde" day forums in where the layout was similar to every other site. Thought of making a comeback to be more active in the ommunity.

I'm not too much of a forum person and I lurk more than I get involved, but I'll try to get more involved, especially since I've wanted to talk about DK for a while.

See yall!

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BryanDimmsdale9/20/14 7:04am
Hi, Scott, the English for Sukotto, how are you?

It's good to see an old veteran member joining the new thread here. Yeah, many things changed in the forums. I'm actually a new member here, and greeting an old member is an honor.

Well, I think the mods will tell you the rules and regulations, but I think you already know that. XD Anyways yeah, see you soon! :)

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GodofVelcro9/20/14 9:12am
Welcome back! I came by shortly after the old forums were "discontinued" (if that's the correct wording) and things as I understand have changed a lot. At any rate, its great to see more people joining, especially those who have been a part of things long before I have.

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MobileCrusader9/20/14 9:38am
Hello there! Its nice to see older members getting back in touch with us.

Im Mobile. Im a mod here, and i also head the Dreamkeepers subreddit on Reddit.

Dont miss the Thursday livechats at 9:00 est. They are lots of fun. We also have a skype group and steam group if you are interested there.

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ZycantAlpha9/20/14 10:03am
Well, welcome back then Sukotto!

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Sukotto9/20/14 7:59pm
Thanks everyone for the welcome!

I am already in the steam group but I would absolutely love being a part of the skype group.

My skype is SukottoDeragon if you want to add me in right away.

Thank everyone for the nice welcome ^^

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MobileCrusader9/21/14 12:49pm
If I'm not mistaken, its Dan that's in charge of the group. I'd talk to him about it.

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Asora9/21/14 2:01pm
HELLO COMRADE! My name is Asora! Or you could call me Asora! I am that type of guy who jokes around and helps people out who are in need!

Are you ready to see and read topics that are never before discussed in any other thread in the internet, and the ones that are to come in these Forums?

Are you ready to meet new people, who are all good and BADASS and came from the country called "KICK-ASSIA", who are again BADASS and have personal stories and ideas to tell!?

Are you ready to see things that are so awesome, so gruesome, so scary, so sexy-wait, wwwwhhhhhat!!!?

Anyways, are you ready, dear brother Sukotto, to see the DK UNIVERSE!?!?!?!?



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MobileCrusader9/21/14 8:38pm
I applaud your enthusiasm Asora.

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Sukotto9/21/14 9:03pm
That's a very enthusiastic welcome!

Although I can safely say that I am well inside and quite involved with Dreamkeepers and all it has to offer to the world.

I've won a halloween contest in the past even and been runner up once. I also have this crazy theory on what Mace's power could be.
There is something else I do in regards to Dreamkeepers, but I guess I can say of that later.

But yes, I am always ready to see the amazing universe of Dreamkeepers, the one and only story that got me seriously involved in storytelling and I am more than eager to join KICK-ASSIA, I'm ready to kick bad storiy's asses whenever.

Also, how do I contact this Dan man for the skype group?

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Foxer3609/21/14 11:52pm
Well, "Bleh" to you too.

Welcome! :)

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Sukotto9/23/14 5:00am

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Korangar9/23/14 5:01am
Welcome back XD

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MobileCrusader9/23/14 4:00pm
I have my own theories on Mace's power.

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DanWithTheHat9/25/14 4:58pm
Welcome back to the forums! If you want to be added to our Skype group. Just post or PM your skype name and we can get you added. If its easier, you can also add me on skype and I'll send you the invite for the group. just search DanWithTheHat on there.

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