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Subscribe to this thread The Dark Experiment created by ZycantAlpha on September 15, 2014

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ZycantAlpha9/15/14 4:13pm
All right, so I've been trying mulling over the idea of an RP and I think this one will work the best.

The general idea of this story is that your characters will be thrown into a cave in an unknown location for them to be tested upon to research powers. The tests themselves will usually take the role of puzzles and challenges that teams will have to solve in order to progress. The characters themselves will not be aware of why they are being tested.

This is about all I can confidently divulge without revealing too much about the plot. If this sounds interesting, and you want to participate the character sheets should be formatted like this:

Personality (optional):

I may ask you to elaborate on a few things, but that's only so I can get a better idea of your characters.

Something to keep in mind, any characters I will be playing are going to be true NPCs, so you're not going to be seeing a sheet for them. You'll have to figure them out on your own.

The only rules I think will be necessary will be these:

1. No killing someone else's character without their permission unless the character is mine. My characters do not need to be able to survive the game, but that may not apply to everyone. Bear in mind, however, that if you try to kill a character that I made and control that he/she will probably fight back.

2. Fighting in general is legal, but it would help if you discussed it beforehand, since it will make things more simple.

3. Swearing is allowed, but try to keep their language clean (in other words, you can swear, but you shouldn't make a habit of it).

4.No god-modded/"non-canon" characters. Broken characters tend to kill the fun of these role-plays.

I'll revise anything that needs to be changed later, but other than that have fun!

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joeden9/16/14 8:37am
I'll toss up my guy up see what you think

Name: Jamie Hellsing
Age: 21

Power: His power lets him fly and spread a chilling aura around him making him unnerving to fight it also covers him in a shadowy cloak and gives him black wings. A side effect to his power however is that it leaves him feeling cold when he uses it. (do to his line of work he never learnt how to or tried to use his power)

History: When Jamie was thirteen his house caught and he felt he had to rescue his baby brother. He ended up making it to his brotherís room finding it empty, thinking fast he ran for the nearest exit, and barely made it out alive, but left him with a traumatizing fear of fire. After some traveling, he ended up joining the shocks and excelling in martial arts. After a few small events and a drug bust, where he took out six guys coming out almost unscathed, he was moved to a Special Forces unit at the age of seventeen, where he quickly gained reputation for his upstanding services. After a year, he was known as the Calvary for pulling off a mission that seemed impossible for a single person to do and it landed him in the hospital for a month. He later ended up getting an assignment that led him to dig up cretin things that said, "he went to deep into the wrong places" and was later set up to keep him silent. He was on a routine mission take out small time crime syndicate in some abandoned building. Going in his whole team was wiped out but he managed to survive the initial attack only to have the building come down while trying to flee. What happened next, he really didnít remember all that much, he just remembered he was blacking out as a figure grabbed and pulled him to safety. Waking up he found himself in a place, where people he once knew looked at him and treated him hostilely.

After some time, after he stopped freaking out from waking up in this place, he ended up learning that he was dead, well dead in the media and Shock troopers reports, after found his life to be a sort of an enigma. He ended up sitting in the room he was provided, as he tried to wrap his head around this unable to process events, which almost lead to a state of depression. That he was only able to avoid thanks to his cousin who had helped him through the mess of his damaged mind from the years of just following orders and locking away all his emotions and personality. He was finally able to piece himself back together; thanks to his cousin and after some time and had helped set himself to work trying find out what happened to his brother and family. He also started to work for the group he was now apart of which is ironically a rebellion group, quietly working its way into a ready position to take on the government, a group he would have been tasked with bringing to justice; but times change.

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ZycantAlpha9/16/14 11:55am
Yeah, looks good.

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CoolCoyote9/28/14 6:09pm
Howdey! New player here but not new to rp. Would you rather have true alts or npcs for this story? I'm still coming up with a sheet for my first alt which I might use here. Usually I base my alts off the personality of alts I use in other games.

I'll post a rough character sheet later tonight.

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CoolCoyote9/28/14 7:12pm
Name: Dylan Locke

Age: Young Adult 24-26


The term Reptilian Canine comes to mind when describing a person like Dylan Locke. From head to toe Dylan has a fox or coyote like appearence. Long pointed ears dominate the back of his head. Two large purple eyes sit behind a long pointed snout with several whiskers at the end. For some reason his foremost fangs always seem to be showing no matter what facial expression he takes.

His body is covered in deep red fur with a dark black under belly and tiger stripes running down the length of his back and limbs. A dull gold color starts at his chin and curves its way down to the the bottom of his neck.

His arms and digitgrade legs are also furred down to his elbows and knees, then they are covered in a rich set of red scales.

His tail resembles a lizards tail, red scaled with the same black tiger stripes until the end which has a large tuft of black fur.

He wears a dull brown waist coat which has tattered ends. Under it he wears a simple vest which is usually left open to expose his rather fleshed stomach. Like the rest of Dylan his gut is padded by a small but noticable layer of flesh.

His waist his covered by a set of off grey cargo pants.


Energy Construction - Light based weapons.

Dylan's powers involve the creation of telekinetic tools and weapons made from pure energy. They usually take on different colors depending on Dylan's mood. The constructs them selves can range from simple knives and hammers to more agressive items such as swords and clubs. They can never be complicated sets of machinery nor can Dylan make more than a few at once.


Surprisingly Dylan's history isn't frought with the danger and adventure one would have associated with a man in his profession. He grew up in a family poor enough to go with out the normal luxeries of other Dreamkeepers but not poor enough that he ever went hungry.

His father fixed small machines for a living and his mother washed clothes. He and his two siblings, one brother one sister, grew up in happy surroundings. A good child hood but unworthy of any real interest until his late teens.

Out on his own Dylan discovered that he didn't have any real passion for any of the jobs he took to keep food on the table. His work ethic was poor at best and he bounced from job to job. In the end he was too restless to stay in one place and found himself content with being a drifter. He enjoyed going to new places and seeing new things...but didnt enjoy the few times he spent homeless on the streets.

Currently he works as a bit of a small time merchant, and occasional fence for stolen property.

Personality (optional):

Dylan is the personification of a dead pan snarker. Always the first to make a witty comment if it is welcomed or not. He is not really brave but not completely cowardly, he has enough greed in his blood to bend his morals but never truely break them.

Dylan also has a weakness for food. Any kind of food really, but fried food the most. He has been told more than once that his stomach will be the end of him.

(Ok. Here is Dylan Locke, same alt I plan to use in other rps bere but I'm happy to change things if needed. ^^

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ZycantAlpha9/30/14 5:58pm
Wow, I didn't think people were still going. I guess I can keep trying to attract people for a little longer. Though I think I want at least two other people/characters for this to work, so we'll see.

In any case, Coyote, I think it looks good.

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CoolCoyote9/30/14 7:19pm
Ooc thanks. I can run another npc if you want or need. ^^ im new to the forum but im an exerienced rper :3

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ZycantAlpha10/17/14 7:27am
All right, I think this is officially dead. Soeey for anyone who might have been interested.

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CoolCoyote10/17/14 7:47am
Dawww you sure we cant run it with the players we got?

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ZycantAlpha10/18/14 9:24pm
Sadly, no. It'd need at least two other players to function.

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