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Subscribe to this thread DK Fan Cards Against Humanity Game created by DanWithTheHat on September 11, 2014

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ZycantAlpha9/15/14 4:14pm
All right, I think my Skype name is next so you guys can recognize me but it's still zycantalpha over there. Figured it would make things more simple.

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Asora9/15/14 4:42pm
I must have Skype account, but it's just that I am not totally familiar with it and chances are I might mess up.....


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DanWithTheHat9/15/14 7:12pm
my Skype name is DanWithTheHat. Feel Free to add me. I will assume anyone who adds me to Skype this week will be from here. :)

We can make a new Skype group chat just for the game if needed. It's not too hard to make groups on there.

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MobileCrusader9/16/14 6:35am
What days would we play?

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ZycantAlpha9/16/14 12:04pm
Sounds like the Thursdays before chat.

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GodofVelcro9/16/14 6:06pm
Whoever fights through the laziness to create the group, my name is Nikolai Stoyanovich on Skype.


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DanWithTheHat9/17/14 4:33am
For whoever's available, let's try it out before the chat this week, around 8 pm eastern time. We can also continue the game after the chat. I think the max size for a game room is 20 so we should have no issue fitting everyone who wants to join.

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GodofVelcro9/17/14 7:01pm
I have band practice tomorrow until about a half hour chat starts. So if there is a CaH game, I could join afterwards.

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Asora9/18/14 4:04am
Mean while in Philadelphia.....

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DanWithTheHat9/18/14 4:48pm
I started a game on the online cards against humanity here:

it should be under DanWithTheHat's game. The password is DK

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Tari9/18/14 10:18pm
I have to say the last game was both hilarious and fun to play with you all. We definitely have to do it again. The conversations that trail off afterwards are equally as entertaining hahaha. Sorry I had to split soon after but I was starving.

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Asora9/19/14 4:08am
I HAVE MISSED IT! NOOOOOOOOOO! But I must keep training to have skype account, lets go!


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DanWithTheHat9/19/14 4:35am
We definitely need have another cards against humanity game sometime. It was great talking to a of you guys during the DK chat as well.

Asora, if you want, you can still join the game without Skype. Skype just adds to the craziness that is CAH.

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Asora9/19/14 5:29pm
Oh, well can I do that?

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GodofVelcro9/20/14 8:47am
Just use this.

Make your name, and join our game.
(Hey that rhymed.)
Are we doing it next week as well? I no longer have any after-school activities to take up my time. :D

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