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Subscribe to this thread Hi by Alex the Teknian created by AlextheTeknian on September 9, 2014

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AlextheTeknian9/11/14 2:39pm
Im a male I put it in my profile, Oh nice to see you know of the old cartoon Storm Hawks =), my favorite characters as you can see is Suzi Lu and her squad the Absolute Zeros, I liked the design of the Blizzarian such an interesting race, it could been great seeing more of them in their own episodes. but anyway I tought it could be fun to put them as my icon since their designs remind me of the Dreamkeepers ah bit. Sadly the show was cancelled years ago if you wanted to know Asora, and it was getting so good.

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Asora9/11/14 3:28pm
Yeah, back in the day I used to watch StormHawks from time to time when I was young, and thought it was pretty cool. But then later I stopped watching it for some reason, don't know why. Then I forgot about it about 3 or 4 years ago, maybe even longer. It's so absurd and disappointing that a great cartoon show got cancelled while being on a cliffhanger or some what. Hate it when they do that stupid shit every once in a while to great shows.

Speaking of which, why did they cancel StormHawks anyway? Did the team who did it had budget problem? Where there conflicts between the makers, the cast, and CN? What happened?

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AlextheTeknian9/11/14 3:38pm
I dont want to give false information since Im not so sure myself, but from what I read it was budget problems.

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GodofVelcro9/11/14 5:51pm
Hai Alex, welcome to the forums!

If you see this, be sure to make it to the weekly chat in about... 10 minutes.

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Asora9/12/14 1:39pm
I forgot about the chat, YET AGAIN. FUCK!

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Korangar9/12/14 10:12pm
Welcome brah XD

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MobileCrusader9/16/14 6:35am
Hi there! Im Mobile, one of the Moderators. Im always free to message if you need anything.

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Asora9/17/14 4:06am
Hello there I am Asora! I am just a guy who makes up jokes and helps people out. You already met me though. Or did you?

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AlextheTeknian9/21/14 10:19am
Hi thanks for your welcome Korangar nice to meet you. Ha ha ha Mobile and Asora, you did welcome me already in the first page of my topic, but no problem, nothing wrong with a double welcome.

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MobileCrusader9/21/14 12:47pm
You added an icon since the first time, I suppose.

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AlextheTeknian9/26/14 7:05am
Ah so thats why, I see, yeah was testing using a icon before setting on this one

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MobileCrusader9/26/14 2:49pm
I remember most people by avatar then name.

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