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Subscribe to this thread Starsector, a Singleplayer Gem! created by Foxer360 on August 28, 2014

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Foxer3608/28/14 8:50am
Hey everyone! I have just finished reading Dreamkeepers volume three, and the void (from lack of vol. 4) that now fills my soul has driven me to find others who can talk about the other things in my life! Yay!

All jokes aside, I have this little neat game to show y'all here. It's called Starsector, in case the title thread has been devoured by internet badgers. The premise of Starsector is you are an independent fleet commander who builds up his forces in the twilight of a crumbling region of space. The game is in Alpha, so much of the storyline, lore and mojo has not been implemented.

The Domain of Man, the overarching governing interstellar faction, has mysteriously closed the inter-sector jumpgates, consequently stopping the shipment of terraformers, resources and other vital resources for the still immature sector you are placed in.
While the economic outlook of the sector is grinding to a standstill, there are those who still seek to preserve order. The Hegemony, with their heavy tariffs and crushing military force, are an example of those who desire to maintain the Domain's technology. There is also the Tri-Tachyon Corporation, who believe the survival of humanity lies in the advancement of technology. While those two factions are the biggest as of yet, there are many other factions planned in the future. Starsector is an Alpha game after all.

Now, the gameplay. I believe the strongest aspect in Starsector at the moment is Combat. When you fly around in space looking to expand your horizons, there will always be enemies. See those pirates over there? Well, they desire the supplies in your cargo hold. The battles in Starsector are top-down, real time tactical engagements where you pilot your ship/fleet to victory. All ships have a variety of weapons and and systems depending on their design "epoch". For example, your tiny, low-tech Lasher-class frigate can host a vast array of ballistic weapons. However, a high-tech Wolf-class frigate only has the ablilty to support energy weapons. I should inform you that the different tech levels don't necessarily mean a better way of doing something, just a different way. Anyways, a wide variety of fighters, frigates, destroyers, cruisers and capitals make Starsector's combat diverse and challenging.

After battles, you salvage the wreckage of your ex-enemies and get the "monies". With the "monies", you can buy supplies if you need heavy repairs, buy different weapons or save up for a shiny new cruiser! Each battle also grants EXP, which allows you to level up your character for neat skills/perks.

Alright, I have been talking for quite a while now, but there is one word I would like to say: MODS! When 'ya get tired of vanilla Starsector, there is a vibrant modding community just filled with new factions, compilations and total conversions. Be sure to check us out!


My mod:

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PotatoFox8/28/14 10:57am
Welcome to our forums Foxer360 (User 321)
It is nice to know that you enjoyed dreamkeepers and are looking forwards to volume four, as are many of us here. I am one of a team of super-mega-evil-hyper-moderators-of-death and as such it is my duty to introduce you to the forums. Please read the rules (found in the bottom right) and have a good read through a thread before you post in it so you fully understand what it is about (there be many interesting conspiracies hidden deep within the threads).
Finally, there is a live chat on Friday at 2am UK Local time. Obviously your own time zone might be different so make the necessary adjustments. In the US the live chat is actually on a Thursday evening. 9PM for Eastern coast and Ihaveabsolutelynoideaforeverywhereelse. Due to technical issues, there are in fact two chat rooms, one of which is linked on the left (see live chat). I will be in both chat rooms from about half an hour to 15 minutes before the chat starts to direct users to whichever is the correct one for that evening.
Have a pleasant day.

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Foxer3608/28/14 12:25pm
Aye, I'll admit I made the rather stupid choice of not seeing what each thread was about. Sorry :p

Anyways, thanks for the chat times :)

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PotatoFox8/28/14 2:43pm
However, I will not be online tonight. The chat rooms can be found here and here
Have a nice evening

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Digitigraderobo8/28/14 7:01pm
Man I love Starsector so much, coincidentally, I am doing a playthrough with your mod right now! :D.

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Foxer3608/28/14 9:51pm
I am honored! :D

However, there is a new update coming out tommorow! It is quitr literally the most MASSIVE update ever. Weapons, ships, art and more have been changed/added.

But I think what I said above is better explained here:

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MobileCrusader8/29/14 11:29am
Hi Foxer!

Think it will come to steam?

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Foxer3608/29/14 11:43am
Hi! :)

Shteam? Shteam, you say? So, what Alex- the developer -has stated Starsector should go public on Steam only when it is in a more mature stage. The next official game update introduces markets, which is only a part of the intended feature list. I would say after the Officer update, then maybe it shall come to Steam.

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Digitigraderobo8/29/14 6:29pm
Hey Foxer, did you read a thread on the Starsector forums about DK?, :P XD. So, yeah just so you know I am on the SC forums.

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Foxer3608/29/14 9:32pm
You know your post actually started my DK addiction? Thanks for posting!

Side note: Citadel 0.7 is out!

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