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Subscribe to this thread Official(?) DreamKeepers TV Tropes Thread created by CalicoYorki on August 22, 2014

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CalicoYorki8/22/14 4:23pm
Hello! Hi! I don't know if this kind of thing exists yet. If so, please, point me in the right direction!

Okay, orders of business, in their proper order...

1.) The dead body being inhabited by Tendril -was not- Mister Nibbs. It was Mister Peaks. Two completely different characters. You're gonna confuse people like that!

2.) I think there is a lot of merit in considering the "Four Temperament Ensemble." Bast is definitely Choleric, Namah seems to be Phlegmatic, Lilith seems to be mildly Melancholic, and Mace shows a bit of Sanguine. A link will be provided below for you to judge for yourselves:

I was here to help.

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pyronite6548/22/14 4:27pm
Lilith's also got some phlegmatic qualities as well.

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ZycantAlpha8/22/14 5:45pm
Yeah, there's a TV Tropes page for Dreamkeepers, but Four Temperament Ensemble hasn't been added to the page as of yet.

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