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Dreamkeepers Forums - The Official Thread of Naughtiness (18+/Mature Users Only)

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Subscribe to this thread The Official Thread of Naughtiness (18+/Mature Users Only) created by Prometheus on August 20, 2014

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Synariel4/2/16 10:28am
New art:


Does anyone know if Dave is okay with someone commissioning adult art of his characters? Do we need to seek his permission?

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Prometheus4/2/16 10:52pm

Not quite sure, honestly. This isn't the first porn commission with his characters and I know at least one artist other than BBMBBF who has done more than one porn commission of DK.

I don't think Dave minds as long as credit is given. He knows that people want to have porn drawn of his series and will go to great lengths to get it.

With that being said, here's something different that was posted to the U-18chan thread recently

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rajak4/7/16 1:23am

wow. just wow

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RemarkablyAverage4/7/16 7:01am

I am so happy that this is here. Good references for character color patterns are hard to find.
Reference use aside, it looks great as well.

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Prometheus4/7/16 11:08am

Word has it that this will be colored in a few days and serve as an official reference for the main female cast. ^^ And, yes, it definitely looks great. X///3

A few months from now, we might get a male version of this chart. ;3 But, we'll see how things are when that times comes.

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Animefan184/7/16 7:10pm
The nude version can be clearly seen but the swf is not, can you fix that?

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thelordoflemonz5/1/16 9:01pm
Is the nude version an edit or something David actually did?

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Prometheus5/1/16 10:06pm

Oh, it's definitely Dave's doing. XD He's working on the male chart now. ;) Non-erect sadly, but it will still be glorious. X///3

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AFox5/19/16 8:24pm
For anyone interested, I recently got another Rule 34 Dreamkeepers commission released (waited a while for this, but it's worth it), the female here isn't in the series (not yet anyways, but I doubt she has this name or looks like this) but is intended to be the mother of a canon Dreamkeepers character, which one? Well the family resemblance is uncanny to say the least...

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Prometheus5/27/16 12:39pm

I've been waiting oh-so-patiently for the next part. X///3

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AFox5/29/16 6:17pm

Flickich does good art but doesn't always work the fastest if you get my I have no idea when next month I'll be paying him to start the next drawing, got some guys I need to pay off for other commissions...three of whom are unemployed and could benefit from regular commissions. So it might be a while :( sorry.
Though if you'd like to be able to speed up the process, the unemployed ones are open for commissions and could benefit from more commissions coming their way, so if you spread the word and helped them find more work, I wouldn't have to worry so much about buying more and more stuff to help them out, and then send some more money to begin work on Part 3.

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rajak5/31/16 3:09am
new dreamkeepers comic...well porn comic draw by palcomix

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Prometheus6/1/16 9:58am

Somehow, I'm not surprised. XD I mean, I am surprised, but I wasn't expecting a DK comic from PAL so soon. I thought somebody else was going to get the first crack at a parody comic.

This is exciting and amusing all at once. XP I think I oughta sign up for their forums and drop some ideas for future DK comics. X///D

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rajak6/3/16 4:32pm
zagura did it again XD very nice pic

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RemarkablyAverage6/17/16 9:01pm
I finally finished the wisp comic I was talking about almost a year ago, it took quite a bit lot longer than I thought.
Either way, here it is:


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