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Dreamkeepers Forums - The Official Thread of Naughtiness (18+/Mature Users Only)

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Subscribe to this thread The Official Thread of Naughtiness (18+/Mature Users Only) created by Prometheus on August 20, 2014

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Prometheus11/16/15 10:56am

Not bad. Not bad at all. X3

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ezioauditore9711/19/15 4:45pm Fairly risque so I think it should go here.

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Kirito11/19/15 5:15pm
No visible nudity as it's all covered by her fur. It'd probably be best suited in the general fan art sub thread :^)

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ezioauditore9711/19/15 5:43pm

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FoxPhantom11/29/15 8:57pm

Here is a new piece I did.
Bast taking Mace while Randy watches, with no clothes on.

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Prometheus11/29/15 9:08pm

Nice. X///3 Like how you stayed on-model with the characters. And, that Randy and Whip. X///D

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RemarkablyAverage2/14/16 2:09am
Made some Vanth art to take a break from the wisp comic. (it's a bit over half done)

Not explicit, but suggestive enough that I decided to put it here.

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AFox3/11/16 12:57pm
A bit odd, but why is it I get the impression Muliebral could be portrayed as a BBW?

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AFox3/21/16 12:58pm
Also, allow me to make my contribution to the Rule 34 of Dreamkeepers. :) A commission I bought from a guy who's drawn it before...and waited about a month for, but it was worth it :) Hope you enjoy.

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Prometheus3/22/16 1:31pm

:D Oh, wow. The first porn of Muliebral. Nice commission, man. X///3 I can see why you made that inquiry. ;)

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AFox3/23/16 5:57pm
@ Prometheus

:D Thanks, always knew she could be a BBW (took note of her proportions in some recent comics, hence why I made the inquiry), she's definitely enjoying having her pipes cleaned out there.

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rajak3/27/16 11:46am
hehehe. got a commission draw by

in the pic, namah, mace and my rajak

have fun

i hope it works... in case it didnīt work well, there you can found it XD

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AlextheTeknian3/27/16 2:48pm
I normally dont post here but since its Lord kiyos Drawing wich I like. So Rajak your the one who commissioned this drawing? I have to mention your character Rajak does look cool, is he a Dreamkeeper?, if so im curious what his power is.

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rajak3/27/16 2:51pm
@ AlextheTeknian, yeah i paid for the pic(s)^^
and my rajak is a dreamkeeper, his power is to fuck XD nah just kidding. he is my oc and i want just to see how he would look in that style^^

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AlextheTeknian3/27/16 4:06pm
Cool he he nice joke. anyway indeed Rajak looks cool in that art style, as for the drawing itself I like very much how Mace and Namah look as tribal Dreamkeepers =), just like I commented in the drawing, skulls suit Namah so well.

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