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Dreamkeepers Forums - The Official Thread of Naughtiness (18+/Mature Users Only)

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Subscribe to this thread The Official Thread of Naughtiness (18+/Mature Users Only) created by Prometheus on August 20, 2014

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Kobalt9511/11/15 10:30pm

I have to agree with you there. Tinsel isn't that attractive to me because she's too "in-your-face". But hey, different strokes for different folks. XP Plus, there's something about her face that just weirds me out a little- I think its too flat or something, lol, IDK! XD I'm probably talking nonsense here!

I'll admit that I kind of feel the same way about the Indigo Twins, but to a lesser extent, as I do find them sort of attractive. More so than Tins at least. (Don't let her know that I said that!! :O )

I find female characters such as Lilith, Namah, Vi, Kalei, and Jeneviv (all in a R34 setting) among others more attractive because there's a hint of subtlety to them, and to me, personally, that is more alluring. But that's just me.

Anyways, WE NEED MORE DK PRONZ. There's been a lot made of Lilith this year, but not much of any other characters. So yeah, we should remedy that! X)

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Prometheus11/11/15 10:51pm

Here, here! We need to start next year off with some variety. Lilith got alot of love this year compared to all the other ladies. We need to change that.

But, as I pointed out before, the problem lies in a complete lack of porn artists in our fanbase. Most of the porn made this year was from commissions, not fanart. That's really the only way we've managed to get so much so far. Nobody is drawing it for fun, save for Zag, Sukotto and a select few others.

We could try drawing in more artists into the series or getting them interested in the characters. Other than that, it maybe a long time before we get some varied material.

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Alej11/12/15 3:46pm
I think we need to start with some really good writers who can make sexy DK stories or something.

Whatever we do, Furaffinity would be a good community to target because its basically R34 with a forum XD

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Hakuzo11/12/15 7:50pm
I've been debating on making some DK stories NSFW or clean, not sure yet.

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Alej11/12/15 8:59pm
I would totally read them :D

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Hakuzo11/13/15 1:04am
I was thinking of a bit of nam and Lilith pet/master play. Since we know nam is a Dom anyways >>.

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Prometheus11/14/15 9:56pm

Oh, I would definitely read that. :P And, Namah is absolutely a dom. XD

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Alej11/15/15 10:21am
Namah x Tendril :D

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PrototypeBast11/15/15 3:53pm
Vanth & Bast =P

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Kobalt9511/15/15 6:53pm
Damn it, we have to meet the DK R34 Quota for this year or else we're all going back in the dark, concrete hole for a month!

The Fap Gods will be displeased!

We need something so outrageously hot that the Fap Gods will allow us to reach our quota! I got it!


Yes. I'M EVIL!!

Ok. I'll stop being weird now.

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Alej11/15/15 7:11pm
Omg waaaaaaaaaait. You know, we DO need some nswf stories. Who here is a good writer besides me? I cant do it unfortunately, im busy.

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Kirito11/15/15 7:12pm
You can get inspiration for all your ships over here, we made tons of them:

Also, 'Fap Gods' are a thing now. There's no going back.

Personally I'd draw r34, but I've already established myself as a clean artist. Also, it is way more difficult to draw boobs than you'd think.

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Hakuzo11/15/15 7:44pm
Now how much story to smut ratio we looking at? I tend to add a lot of story between smut.

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Prometheus11/15/15 9:57pm

Somehow, I see Namah being the one in control of the sexing with Tendril. XD She has that authoritative charm.


Fap Gods are officially a thing. We must now appease them. XP


B-b-b-but, PORN!... and Evzen. ;)

C'mon, man. Step out of that comfort zone and show us how magnificent your boobs really are. >:3


I wouldn't mind a bit of story build-up leading to literary sex. I'll leave that up to you. ^^

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Hakuzo11/16/15 1:46am
Well, posted up some quick smut run.enjoy the first hand view.

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