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Dreamkeepers Forums - The Official Thread of Naughtiness (18+/Mature Users Only)

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Subscribe to this thread The Official Thread of Naughtiness (18+/Mature Users Only) created by Prometheus on August 20, 2014

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Alej9/13/15 12:28pm
I wanna see more of that Indigo poster in the back~

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rajak9/13/15 12:59pm
@ alej itīs this pic, but little bit different color^^

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Prometheus9/13/15 8:01pm

Your link to the nude version of that Namah pic by Sw1tch leads to a 403 error. Maybe that's a prob on my end, but just in case it's not and to give more views to Sw1tch, I'll provide a link to the official upload on IB as well as an alt link.

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tycloud10/23/15 12:33pm
Hello everyone! I just happen to have this lovely SketchBook which contains some rather juicy and hard to get art from Dave and Lilly. Here is a few samples: and You will need an Inkbunny account to see these. Im more then happy to upload some more but I dont want them spread around to much. Its rather hard to get art from them. I have to save up for months and attend a convention they are attending and hope they arent to full to draw. If you are ever at a Con that im at feel free to look through it! its very worth it.

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Prometheus10/23/15 1:38pm

Hey, I've seen these pics before, along with the Sally and Tails sketches, too. X3 I've been waiting very patiently to see if you would post more and really hope you do. X///P

Also, welcome to the DK forums. So awesome to have a popular face around. XD

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Tango10/24/15 5:12am
@tycloud Ayo, If you've got any juicy sketches of Characters from the volumes, Specifically namah, I can guaranty people will adore you for sharing them.

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Alej10/25/15 9:08pm
Wisp is the sexiest

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Hakuzo11/7/15 6:27pm
Wow. A day I didn't see happening for DK.

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Hakuzo11/11/15 2:50am
Why is there no pics of Evzen with anyone? I request to see art of him getting some much needed love.

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Prometheus11/11/15 7:16pm

There are still a plethora of characters that haven't been touched yet. Considering Zagura is our only active porn artist in the community, it may be a while before we get much of anything. To take nothing away from Zag's efforts and hard work, of course. XP

But, I agree. Evzen is in need of passionate lovings. X3

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Alej11/11/15 7:59pm
Ehhh... He seems too nice and stuff. I cant imagine Evz doing anything besides cuddling XD

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Prometheus11/11/15 8:03pm

Ahhh, but that's Rule 34 for ya. Even the most innocent and lovable of characters are vulnerable to it. >;)

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Alej11/11/15 8:07pm
*shrugs* True. Wisp x Tendril must be a thing~

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Prometheus11/11/15 8:23pm

I still don't get why that hasn't been done yet. Wisp's trust in Tinsel and Tinsel's manipulation and attempted sabotage of Wisp makes it perfect. XD

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Alej11/11/15 8:26pm
Idk why but I don't find Tinsel that sexy. I guess shes a bit too... obvious???

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