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Subscribe to this thread Operation Moar Fankeepers created by jumbleniter on August 15, 2014

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jumbleniter8/15/14 11:55am
Hello! I’m relatively new here, so you may be reluctant to even spend the time reading this, but I assure that all this will be about helping Dave and Liz, and by extension, DreamKeepers!
Anyway I’ll jump right into it:

With Volume 3 now free, and volume 4 on its way, (Squee!) this is a very opportune time to really grow the fan-base, and provide some free advertising for DreamKeepersComic,
So, I am proud to introduce Operation Moar Keepers!
Whoo! Okay, here we go:

Step 1: Word of Mouth- Tell a Friend! Better yet, tell a stranger you meet on the bus, so that way the stranger can tell his hobo friends, who can tell the social workers, who can tell their Co-workers, who can tell their room-mates, and on and on until we get Dave and Liz to start living in the White House.
But no, seriously, get word around; you’d be surprised how many people actually care about your opinions. I know I do!

Step 2: Paste some Posters- If you notice a space where a poster should go, fill it with some DreamKeepers swag. Dave has been nice enough to draw a Flier, Postcard, and business card, for our use!
Postcard front:
Postcard back:
Busyness cards:
Just print those off, and stick em up in any (legal) Public place, and allow Dave’s beautiful and absolutely eye-catching artwork do the rest!
Better yet, feed on Human laziness, and make one of those barcode thingies that people scan with their phone that will take them right to Dave’s animated commercial! In fact I’ll get right on that.

Step 3: One of the nicest things about the DreamKeepers community is its welcoming attitude! So when the new fans come pouring in (trickle or flood) be nice! We don’t anyone attaching DreamKeeper’s to any failures of etiquette. But I’m not so worried about this step, I was greeted very warmly, and your taking time to read this so I know for a fact that you care!
You want to who is awesomest? It’s you, you’re the awesomest.

Step 4: Vote! – Dreamkeepers needs to be like top 5 in TopWebcomics, Top 10 at least. Then everyone can see Dave’s uber-cool light-up vote bait!

Step 5: T-shirt contest! - A great artist like Dave tends to attract a lot of really great artists! Just sketch something that would be awesome on a T-shirt, and then submit it to the contest!
Just think of walking down the street in a shirt that says:
“Bro, don’t make me light up my halo.”
And your thugsta friends is like, Dude, what does that even mean? And then you’re like, “Omigosh, let me tell you about this awesome internet comic, that is completely free to read, and completely awesome.”
Now, I don’t want Dave to even be bothered by this T-shirt contest stuff, so we indubitably have to handle the submissions and whatnot by ourselves. So if you want to help me with anything, or submit a drawing or idea, shoot me and Email or PM. So we design the t-shirts, we buy the t-shirts, and I’ll contact Dave on whether or not he wants the designs and wants to start permanently selling the t-shirts.

Step 7: Climb the kickstarter ladder –When the v5 kickstarter starts, we get all the goals. All of them. All of the goals.

Step 6: Codename Redhat – I make Dave a lot of red brimmed hats. Enough to come tumbling out of his closet like Zabumafu.

So that’s Operation Moar Keepers, but now we’ve reached the most important part. You! Please, Please participate, post more ideas in this Forum, and help make Dave and Liz’s lives easier. Like really. Please. Don’t make me grovel. I will grovel.

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jumbleniter8/15/14 12:11pm
Here's the QR codes I promised!

This one goes to the comic:

This one goes to the DK animated Commercial:

Feel free to make more!

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DanWithTheHat8/15/14 2:37pm
If we were able to sticky this thread at the top of this section, I would do so right away. Those are all great ideas!

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ZycantAlpha8/15/14 9:42pm
Do you not have that power yet, Dan?

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DanWithTheHat8/16/14 8:28am
The forum is not capable of sticky threads just yet. :(

Now for that T-shirt contest idea, it may be good to have a separate thread to develop that a bit more. I really like that idea. That would be another great way to get DK fans involved in addition to the art contests. We can bring it up to Dave in the next DK chat.

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ezioauditore978/16/14 9:44am
A t-shirt contest would be a lot of fun and drum up some more sales on top of not costing too much since the fact that they are printed on demand.

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jumbleniter8/16/14 2:12pm
Good day again all! I suppose I should say what I thought this thread could become.

Yes, so the main purpose of this thread is for people to discuss ideas for helping people notice dreamkeepers, and also share stories of people sharing dreamkeepers with people.

I suppose I should show what I mean though:

Yesterday, I was working with the local highschool librarian, showing her how to buy the book series. I told my honest opinion about the comic being my favorite and that I thought it would be an excellent addition to the library.

Or I could post an Idea I had, like putting dreamkeepers in the new book suggestion box at the locale library.

Both of these are true stories, but also have the makings of an excellent post.
But anything helps! Simply commenting on others posts is also a good way to contribute to the thread.

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GodofVelcro8/17/14 9:44pm
*nods head*
I approve...

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MobileCrusader8/24/14 6:54pm
Did Wise Owl Reader ever make that imgur album? Where's he been anyway?

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WiseOwlReader9/19/14 8:41am

Here it is, I am so sorry. I fell off the radar after I got into College. I've been busy with work, tutoring, clubs, I've been very distracted since this is my Senior Year.

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ZycantAlpha9/19/14 3:44pm
It happens, don't worry.

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MobileCrusader9/21/14 12:57pm
Life is important so don't feel bad.

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DanWithTheHat9/25/14 5:09pm
I'm sure most of us college age people here know how college takes over life sometimes, no worries. That album is great!

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MobileCrusader9/25/14 5:48pm
Been sharing mad amounts of links to people on reddit now that I got /r/Dreamkeepers CSS pretty much done.

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Digitigraderobo9/26/14 8:14pm
I'll tag the entire net with some Dreamkeepers swag, hey that rhymes.

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