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Subscribe to this thread Good day created by jumbleniter on August 14, 2014

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jumbleniter8/14/14 10:04am
Longtime reader, but I haven't participated in the forums until now. To commemorate 3rd book being provided to the poor public, I've decided to start actively participating. I read a lot of webcomics, but Dreamkeepers is the one that is the most put together, out of any of them. Dave and Liz, are doing great, and I'd love to help them any way I can.

Specifically, however I have some ideas on how to get people to really start participating in the dreamkeepers community. (So many irons in the fire) I'll post this in volunteer army section later, but this is neither is the time, nor the place so for now it is merely:
Good day!
Don't mind the bullocks!
and simply:
Nice to meet you.

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ZycantAlpha8/14/14 3:39pm
Welcome, to the forum group, jumbleniter!

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Prometheus8/14/14 4:18pm
Glad to have you on the forum and posting! :) Enjoy your stay!

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GodofVelcro8/14/14 5:44pm
Welcome, hope to have you take part in many shenanigans. Hope to see you in... 20 minutes, on the weekly chat with Dave and everyone! :P

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jumbleniter8/14/14 5:49pm
Yes, about that. Is there any software I should download first? Simply knowing my luck, I will show up to my first rodeo as unprepared as a non-rodeo clown.

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DanWithTheHat8/14/14 8:00pm
Welcome to the forum! I feel really bad now for not checking in here before the chat. My bad :(

For future weekly chats, Follow this link (No special Software required):

We recently changed chat services as the IRC one currently linked on the chat button on the site was giving us issues. Hopefully, the site will be updated with the new chat room link soon.

We usually chat with Dave at 9:00 PM Eastern time every Thursday. Hope to see you there next week! :)

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jumbleniter8/14/14 8:05pm
Alas, I spent my first Rodeo in the parking lot. Well it gives me something to look forward to next week.

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Korangar8/14/14 9:18pm
Welcome bro :D

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MobileCrusader8/15/14 11:44am
Hello there! Active community and new ideas are great components to bring to a group. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier8/16/14 11:47am
Heyo :O

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Asora8/23/14 6:31pm
Welcome Comrade!

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BryanDimmsdale8/23/14 10:47pm
Enjoy your stay!

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