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Subscribe to this thread The Serapeans created by Prometheus on August 12, 2014

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Prometheus8/12/14 2:01pm

I've become increasingly interested in the Serapeans, worshippers of their lone goddess, Serapis. Referred to as Extollo by Anduruna, they came to the city to convert its people to their monotheistic belief.

I can't help but get vibes of the Crusades by the war between Anduruna and the Extollo.

I don't know much about King Richard and his crusades on the Holy Land, but I see a comparison between the Crusader Knights and the Serapean warriors. Anyone else want to support or contradict this? Thoughts or facts on the Crusaders that can be compared with the Serapeans?

Oh, and the above linked music is a theme for the Serapeans, which is the Knights Templar's anthem.

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BryanDimmsdale8/12/14 6:09pm
Well, their name was somewhat derive from the word "Seraph or Seraphim" meaning Angels or Heavenly Beings, so it kinda makes sense that their religion is somewhat monotheistic like ours, and spread their "holy" words to the other nations a long, long time ago.

Though this raises, for me, another question; do they know about the Nightmares existence until today, because since they are religious people, the also have their own "demons" and that might be representing the Nightmares themselves?

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Prometheus8/13/14 10:57am
I tend to believe that other nations outside of Anduruna are more aware of the Nightmare threat. If anything, they may still have ancient texts describing the Nightmares' attacks in the past and therefore do not consider the Nightmares to be myth.

Whether or not the Serapeans are aware of the Nightmares remains to be seen. For all we know, their homeland could be a desolate stretch of ruins by now. Their defeat in the war against Anduruna caused many Serapean soldiers to cast away their faith and defect to Anduruna. The Serapean people may have learned of the great defeat and began revolting against their leaders for worshipping a goddess who allowed their great army to be defeated by non-believers. As a result, their nation collapses and the people would be forced to move on to another suitable location to live.

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