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Subscribe to this thread Destiny created by Anarchy on August 2, 2014

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Kirito6/20/15 7:34pm
So I mixed up my playing style today. I used the Titan codex 4 which is raw speed, and equipped an auto rifle. While it definetly increased my K/D ratio, I don't know if I'll keep it.

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Alej6/20/15 7:37pm
Don't use auto rifles. Just don't. Unless its UP FOR ANYTHING or one of those high stability ones.


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Kirito6/20/15 7:45pm
You have to understand how players in pvp respond. When people get hit, they freak out. It hit hard on their ability to aim. This gives me time to spray until they've dropped.

As for accuracy, I have a upgrade that makes it more stable the longer it fires.

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Alej6/20/15 7:49pm
any scout rifle with explosive rounds beats an auto rifle in staggering. Also it allows you to land critical hits while their shield is still up, meaning you can effortlessly chain kills while they are blinded by your flaming bullets. Persistence (the upgrade you have) is good but it means your first few shots will likely miss critical points and thus give them time to retaliate with a grenade or shotgun. Zen Moment is more consistent if you can land the initial shots, but counterbalance is by far the best. Honestly, I would rely on a gun with an ALREADY high accuracy instead of wasting time buffing a crippled one. What auto rifle do you have?

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RashallVetkay6/20/15 7:54pm
I use Silimar's Wrath in Crucible due to it's stability being nearly maxed out.

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Alej6/20/15 7:57pm
Yeah well I find pulse rifles have the best stability AND accuracy, with scout rifles not far behind. KAU8 Constellation Scar and Hopskotch Pilgrim are the best pulse rifles in my opinion. They are slow ROF rifles but can take a guy down in three bursts. By far the most useful precision weapons.

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Kirito6/20/15 8:07pm
I can't find it for the life of me. It's of Suros variety I believe.

And I tried using a scout rifle. Impact was low, about a quarter of my HC. I couldn't use it.

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Alej6/20/15 8:08pm
Wait you have an auto rifle with 4 times the impact of a scout rifle?! WHAT IS THIS .O.

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Kirito6/20/15 8:11pm
No, my hand cannon lol. My BigSky MK nearly maxes out in impact. My auto rifle does less then the scout, but makes up for it with ROF.

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Alej6/20/15 8:14pm
The problem with that impact is that your weapon speed in general just completely plummets. That means no matter how much damage you do, you wont rival a gun with half the impact and twice the ROF. Plus missing a shot is infinitely more punishing for an 8 round handcannon. I can miss a burst with my KAU and still have enough ammo for 1.5 kills.

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Kirito6/20/15 8:19pm
I can miss a ton of shots with my auto rifle and still get kills. Of course, the handcannons are slower and you need better aim, but they kill quickly if you get critical hits.

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Alej6/20/15 8:21pm
Honestly, my main problem with HCs is that the maxed impact doesn't mean maxed damage. It takes almost a whole mag to down someone, provided you get 80% of the bullets to hit. Unless you have an exotic HC, they aren't worth it.

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Kirito6/20/15 8:29pm
Uh...what gun are you using lol. I can get two-three kills on an 8 round clip easy.

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Alej6/20/15 8:29pm
... *throws Revelator in the trash can before he sees* UHH NOTHING

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Kirito6/20/15 8:32pm
Seriously? That does 50 points more damage then mine. Are you sure?

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