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Subscribe to this thread Destiny created by Anarchy on August 2, 2014

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Alej6/19/15 9:38pm
Sadly no. But despite the low firing rate it can land those three bursts rather easily.

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Kirito6/19/15 9:44pm
Agh, that doesn't work for me unfortunately. I think I'll just stick to honing my HC skills.

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Alej6/19/15 9:46pm
You have no idea what you're missing dude. Scout and pulse rifles are the most versatile guns in the game.

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Kirito6/19/15 9:51pm
Eh, I might give scouts another try. I found that I couldn't get enough shots off before being gunned down.

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Alej6/19/15 10:00pm
Range is your friend with scouts. Crouch down in a high-traffic area and aim for the head. If someone gets close pop a grenade.

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Kirito6/19/15 10:01pm
I suppose. It'd be a learning curve but I'd get used to it.

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Alej6/19/15 10:04pm
Its like a HC but 10 times easier. Just aim for the head. Also there's a rare pulse rifle called COLD CURRENT that absolutely RAPES in crucible. Lighting fast ROF and great accuracy.

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Kirito6/19/15 10:05pm
I really have to get some exotic gear. Next time, xur, next time.

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Alej6/19/15 10:07pm
Get the RED DEATH its the best pulse rifle in the game.

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Kirito6/19/15 10:22pm
Does Xur sell it?

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Alej6/19/15 10:49pm
Rarely yes. You have a better chance at getting it from prison of elders with a treasure key

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RashallVetkay6/20/15 9:25am
Alej if you want to friend me on Xbox live I've been looking for people to play Prison and eventually Trials. Xbox live ID: Rashall_Vetkay

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Alej6/20/15 9:31am
Im Fallen Tenebris on XBOX. I cant play till Monday though cuz Im heading home from Arizona to texas.

Whats your favorite machine gun?

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RashallVetkay6/20/15 9:45am
So far the only one I've used is Wolves' Bane

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Alej6/20/15 10:01am
Wolves bane is ok but the BTRD and the Pacifier X are better. If you can get one of those you HAVE to.

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