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Subscribe to this thread Destiny created by Anarchy on August 2, 2014

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Anarchy8/2/14 7:33am
Anyone here play the destiny beta? I did and i loved it so much i went straight to the game shop and upgraded my pre order to the limited edition. If you guys played it please tell me what were your favorite parts of the game and if you will be getting it when it comes out. Me and my friends had lots of fun with the beta. Anyways i want to hear everyones thoughts on the game.

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MobileCrusader8/3/14 5:49pm
I have been too busy to get involved with it sadly. Is it still open?

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Korangar8/3/14 9:31pm
PC :(

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Anarchy8/10/14 5:02pm
Unfortunately not mobile it was only on for five days on xbox one and a bit longer for PS4. Also i was surprised when i heard destiny wasn't on PC

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MobileCrusader8/13/14 11:02pm
I don't have a next gen console any ways so...

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Anarchy8/27/14 8:59am
It was on 360 and ps3 as well

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MobileCrusader8/27/14 10:30am
I had no idea

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Asora8/27/14 7:46pm
I pre-ordered it at Gamestop about a week ago. Can't wait to play it on the realese date once it gets to my mail.

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Kirito1/5/15 2:33pm
oops realized I made a thread for this and there was already one here...

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RashallVetkay6/12/15 7:21pm
I was wondering if anyone here played Destiny on Xbox one.

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Kirito6/12/15 7:53pm
Unfortunately I play on 360 :/

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RashallVetkay6/12/15 8:08pm
Ah I just hit lvl 30 tonight lol. Iron Banner was a ton of fun though.

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Kirito6/12/15 8:10pm
I'm level 25; I just recently got xbox live to play crucible again. I tried IB but the level advantages were too great for me.

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RashallVetkay6/12/15 8:41pm
I guess I was lucky due to the fact that I had the MIDA multi-tool when IB went live last weekend. I got the MIDA on my first run in prison of Elders.

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RashallVetkay6/19/15 6:14pm
So in the list below I'm going to basically put down my weapon listing, simply because no one else posts in this thread >.> and I want to compare to others.

Primary: Hygiea Noblesse (I also use Mida Multi-Tool for PvE/PVP and I use Silimar's Wrath for PvP)

Special Weapons: Invective or Dry Rot

Heavy Weapon: Wolves' Bane

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