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Kirito2/16/15 6:48pm

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Asora2/16/15 7:02pm
Me too. I have the 1st Amendment on my side as well, so, if your in for it, we can go back and forth on who's right and who's wrong about homosexuality, or........we could drop it, shake hands, and walk away like men..........your choice.

*talks out handheld Railgun - loads it*

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MobileCrusader2/16/15 7:04pm
please, guys, stop escalating. its immature.

Look, Im sure no one here wants to cause any trouble. Just respond to my PMs and try to avoid confrontation.

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Prometheus2/16/15 7:06pm
That's enough. Asora has every right to voice his opinion as long as he is not vitriolic about it.

You wanna commission gay porn? Fine and dandy. But, it won't be done just to spite someone for their opinion.

Edit: Thanks, Mobile.

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Asora2/16/15 7:12pm

Okay, I'll back down.........sorry guys.

*puts away handheld Railgun*

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MobileCrusader2/17/15 3:09pm
None of us should be afraid to post our opinions or beliefs. We also shouldn't try to impose said beliefs on others. Just maintain a tolerant critical attitude if you disagree.

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Kymastrider2/23/15 1:52pm
I had a rather naughty idea for a pic of Woods X Bill, I would definitely commission that. =D

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Prometheus2/23/15 5:26pm

I don't mean to come off as pushy or anything like that, but... PLEASE DO! XD

I'm also coming up with a plan or two regarding Bast and Vanth since you mentioned them in the shipping thread. XD

I am also coming up with a few ideas diving into the controversial realm of cub porn. Unless nobody here has a problem with this kink, I don't intend to share those ideas 'cuz of how touchy (no pun intended) cub porn can be.

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Prometheus2/27/15 1:02pm
Just a little update on my four ideas from a few pages back. All four of those ideas are currently either being worked on or are under consideration.

Idea #1 is being worked on by an artist. #2 and #3 will possibly be commissioned from a fan of DK. Idea #4 is currently under consideration by another artist.

Just a heads-up for anyone currently working on or thinking of working on these ideas. If you already are, it's no problem. Go ahead and finish it up if you want. ^^ Names have been revoked for the sake of privacy. You'll know who it is when/if the pieces are completed. XD

EDIT: The gay porn ideas from a page or so back are not taken, from my understanding. I'll number them for the sake of order.

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sporefox12/27/15 7:00pm
Finished a pic of Vi ^^

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Prometheus2/27/15 8:49pm
That's really well done! ^^ And, hot! :P Thanks for sharing.

Just a reminder, links for artwork go in the Official Thread of Naughtiness. ^^

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ezioauditore973/7/15 8:25pm
Not a big fan of sexually explicit stuff,but I had a darker idea I want to do when I feel like venting before the Halloween 2015 contest with O'Naicul chomping down on Bast's legs while Bast (himself futilely trying to fight back) with blood stains and strains on the corners since Halloween is what it is and it's fun to occaisonally do something like that though of course I love the cast and don't want to do it tastelessly.

Trying to think of the right perspective on it and might thumbnail it passively for that darker one to see if it would really work out. Do you think it would look better from a topside angle meeting Bast's face directly or a sideways angle with him himself around a little better so that I can show a villainous O'Naicul better?

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Prometheus3/22/15 10:36am
That would be an interesting pic and relevant to the plot in a way. Could be a what-if situation to Bast's backfired plan in V3; ending with him being captured, then eaten alive.

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Prometheus3/22/15 10:38am
Just an update to these drafts. Idea #4 is being worked on by an artist and has been changed to where the Wisps are now herms instead of using strap-ons. XP

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Prometheus3/28/15 9:10pm
For future reference, Ideas #1-7 are here:

Since its been a while since my last run of brainstorming, I have three ideas to share for now.

Idea #8, What Could They Be Thinking:

This will be a public shower scene with the Indigo's and Viriathus. The concept is simple; the Indigo's are bathing each other down as they give a sly smile to Vi, who is minding her own business and oblivious to their prying eyes. The angle and posing is still being worked on, but that's the gist of this idea.

Idea #9, We Are All The Same In Here:

Inspired heavily by #8, this idea is much more detailed and offers my idea on what the Troika HQ showers are like; an all-gender shower. Yet another public shower scene, this idea involves multiple members of the Troika and has a perspective view that covers a large shower room. On the left side of the room, we have Bobby and Vi casually talking to each other as they bathe. On the right side, we have Karo shampooing his head fur while Igrath is bending his right leg up to wash it. Unaware is he that Digo is wrapping a towel up to pop him as Indi struggles to hold back a laugh. At the room's exit, which mostly dominates the picture's background, we have Damon, Bill and Woods in towels. Damon is pushing his back in with a look of pain and exhaustion on his face, Bill is looking on with a hard blush of shyness and Woods is slipping his hand into the distracted Bill's towel, preparing to snatch it from him and embarrass him. Everyone is nude except for the three former guards.

Idea #10, The Rewards of Knocking:

Since I haven't seen any objections before about my cub porn comment, I'll share one such idea and see how that goes. This idea involves Prelude Mace and Prelude Vi, with Mace screwing Vi as she lies back first on her bed in her tent. She comments by saying, "Just remember, Mace, this is *UNF* your reward for knocking."

*PHEW* Okay, then. That's all for now. Just to try and balance the scale, my next batch of ideas may be more violent and bloody, which would be more acceptable for the general fanart.

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