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Subscribe to this thread Explicit Fanart Discussion (18+/Mature Users Only) created by Prometheus on August 1, 2014

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Asora2/12/15 5:06pm
DK gay male porn...........wait.......


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FoxPhantom2/14/15 4:19pm
Yeah, I also have a sketch that I want to finish up.
Which involves Bast Taking Mace. (I just wanted to add that in. I do have the Vi image coming first though).

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Asora2/14/15 4:33pm


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FoxPhantom2/14/15 7:20pm
Chill, I wasn't going to post the link here.

Also thought of one idea.

Namah surprising bill in the nude from the ceiling. (And bill doesn't see her)

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Asora2/14/15 8:10pm

And then they f**ked?

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FoxPhantom2/14/15 9:10pm
Up to you my friend, I wasn't even going to add in why. (not sure if I am wanting to do this, I just wanted to leave this as an idea.)

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Prometheus2/14/15 11:31pm

I like that idea. XD I enjoy these little porn scenarios that could double as the ultimate payback scenes for some characters.

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MobileCrusader2/16/15 8:18am
I never really thought about there being a lack of MM r34. prolly because i dont look for it personally.

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Asora2/16/15 9:57am
Or in other words-

*puts up sign*


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MobileCrusader2/16/15 3:46pm
Im not against it. I just said it had never crossed my mind before.

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Asora2/16/15 3:49pm

*erases MobileCrusader's thought about DK gay men porn*

There we go.

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Prometheus2/16/15 5:38pm
I'm not against it, either. I just happen to look around rather frequently for what's new on the art sites and channels. For as long as I've known about DK, I haven't seen a single depiction of DK gay porn. Solo pics, sure, but no gay porn.

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Asora2/16/15 6:41pm
Now I just got into a problem between Kirito, MobileCrusader, and homosexuality........will you excuse me, I'm gonna cry in the corner due to mines and others actions.

*goes to corner - cries like a b**ch*

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Kirito2/16/15 6:42pm
I think it needs to happen

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Asora2/16/15 6:47pm
*tries to say something*

Ya know, I want to say something, but I don't want to risk more problems occurring.



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