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Asora2/6/15 4:54am
.........I take that as a yes. Anyways, I'm kinda've on the same page as you FoxPhantom. It makes me wonder also if half of dreamkeeper women have part of their fur patterns shape like hearts that coincidentally happen to be on either their breasts or butts.


Now I feel sorry for DK women for some reason.......

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Prometheus2/6/15 10:36pm
So, I've concocted four mores ideas for R34 images that are free to be drawn or commissioned by whoever, one of which will be my next request.

Idea #1 will be a shower scene between Mace and Namah in a two-wall enclosed shower with a ton of steam. Mace is holding Namah up by her legs, propping her up against the wall as he screws her pussy while at the same time their lips are locked in a kiss. I'm debating on whether having this be cleverly-censored by having a bunch of steam blank out the "action," or sticking with my principles and keeping it real. Since I would be a hypocrite by going with the former, I'll probably stick with the latter. Perspective is currently under consideration. More than likely, this will be the next image that I request to have drawn.

Idea #2 is a simple image with no background or environment involving Scinter and the Indigos. Scinter is on his back with his arms tied behind his back with Indi and Digo on either side of him rubbing their buttcheeks up and down his cock. Again, perspective is still under consideration. Nice and simple image. ^^

Idea #3 is a beach orgy scene between the Main Five (yes, that includes Whip >:P). Lilith with Bast and Namah with Mace will be in the missionary position on towels. Whip will be standing next to Namah's head getting oral so as to not be left out. XD

Idea #4 is a gangbang scene with Tinsel getting consensually raped by five Wisp twins with strap-ons. Tinsel is getting DP'ed, tit-fucked, and servicing one strap-on with her mouth while handjobing another. Straight (no pun intended) and to-the-point idea. XD

Okay, now that I've given another clear example of my obsession with this novel, what do you all think?

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ST34LTH2/6/15 10:58pm
Three words; Rawr!

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Prometheus2/6/15 11:01pm

XD I thought so.

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Asora2/7/15 2:40pm
*sees Prometheus's ideas*

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MobileCrusader2/9/15 11:50am
Deviants, the lot of you.

I've more and more wanted to commission an absolute territory Namah.

For the uninformed:

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ST34LTH2/9/15 1:53pm
Now now Mobile, don't try to be all holy XD

On a more serious note, I'd however like to add, that while I said they were awesome ideas (something I still stand by), I personally prefer one on one action, or nudes like Zag's line-up pic or singulars like what switchblade's "always lock the door". Might have something to do with me not wanting to share >;3

As such I'd personally prefer to see idea #1 & #2 realized. But hey, that's just my preference.

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Prometheus2/9/15 3:32pm

You can say that again. >:P Also, would love to see that, too. XD


I tend to sway in my own interests. One minute, I'd be into couples, then I'd be into orgies, then I'd be into tentacle rape. And, so on and so forth.

As for my plans up above, I'm mostly convinced on getting #1 requested, but I'm starting to gain more interest in #3 and #4. #2 is something I just pulled out of my ass, honestly. XD

The only artists I know who have high quality art, draw DK art and take requests are Zagura and Sw1tchbl4de. But, I've already requested from them before and I don't want to come across as a freeloader.

With that being said, could anyone point me in the direction of any artists who offer requests?

Also, not to sound like a broken record being played ad nauseum, but again, take my ideas. Seriously, take 'em and see if you can't make them come true. If you like them enough to see them be drawn, feel free to commission or request them to be drawn. I don't have the money, otherwise I'd be commissioning this junk right now and I'm too humble to ask for free art from the same artist more than once; at least, not soon after getting free art the first time around. ^^;

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Asora2/9/15 3:38pm
I see.........

*moves hands in front of him to picture something*

......stuff. But just not any kind of stuff.........naughty stuff. And by that, I mean picturing every-single DK character (including the fan ones), and beings that existed so far, and picture all of them doing one big giant cluster of an orgy...........including Void.



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Prometheus2/9/15 10:19pm

XD I've seen biiiiig orgy pics with entire franchise casts before. It wouldn't surprise me if we get something similar with DK in the distant future.

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FoxPhantom2/9/15 11:04pm
I am planning on making a lot more DK porn from now on.
Because I intend to make mine high quality.
And yes even non porn Dk will be drawn.

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Asora2/10/15 4:44am

*gives FoxPhantom folder containing DK R34 ideas*

Use them wisely.........

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FoxPhantom2/10/15 7:36am
I think I need to redo a few things on the idea. Since when I originally wrote the last post, I was in a berserk state.

I probably won't draw THAT much on porn, but will try and somewhat balance things out.
But I do intend on being active. And learning more on to draw this better. (personally, I am no where near ok with myself, since I will keep on practicing til the end of everything.)

Also to add, Promethus, that idea of yours, no. 1 and no.2 seems pretty intresting.

I am working on one idea, which involves Vi getting caught as she was data scrolling.
Sorry all.

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Prometheus2/10/15 11:39am

Hey, if you like my proposed ideas, knock yourself out. XD Though, I should've said this long before now, but this goes out to everybody reading this. Be sure to note me on FA or IB if you intend to use my ideas. I don't want to request something to be drawn and find out too late that someone already drew it, causing them to be accused of tracing and/or copycatting. ^^;

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Prometheus2/11/15 9:33pm
Soooo, somebody on the DK thread over at 8chan commented on how there's no gay porn of DreamKeepers. I tend to help remedy that by offering yet more ideas, this time revolving around gay porn. X///D I only have three ideas so far.

Idea #5: This idea is of Mace and Bast spitroasting Randy in the orphanage tent. I haven't put much thought into this one, so that's all I have for it. XD

Idea #6: This idea is of Vis. Calah getting raped in his office by Ravat while Tinsel casually looks on. Calah is bent over his desk from the front getting fucked by Ravat while Tinsel sits in Calah's chair, tormenting him verbally right in his face as she uses her hair to bind his arms behind his back. Slashes across his face are visible and he is clearly in unimaginable pain and agony. This one has a speech bubble with Tinsel saying, "You poor, old, self-absorbed man. If only you had listened to your little trophy daughter." This is one of my ideas on how the Viscount will meet his end later in the book, if he does.

Idea #7: And, since the first two may be a bit too detailed and extreme, I guess, my third idea is Mace getting screwed by Bast while on a couch. Mace is getting a lap ride with his back turned to Bast.

So, there you go. Another piece of perverted pie from the bakery that is my broken brain. X'D (And, I just noticed the unintentional alliteration there. Heh...)

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