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Subscribe to this thread Explicit Fanart Discussion (18+/Mature Users Only) created by Prometheus on August 1, 2014

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Kirito1/13/15 1:48pm
I don't know Asora ask a mod what can I tell you

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Prometheus1/13/15 1:50pm

XD Oh, you silly goose. I just can't tell what you're trying to say half the time.

I take it you're not aware of how commissioning or requesting goes?

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Asora1/13/15 2:57pm

I think my world just went upside down within less than 2 days. All because of that meme.........f**k my false judgment.

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Kirito1/13/15 3:04pm
sometimes you gotta shake the foundations to build a stronger building

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Asora1/13/15 3:06pm

*shoots Kirito in the face with a tazer*

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ST34LTH1/13/15 3:10pm
I don't think Kirito is your foundation XD

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Kirito1/13/15 3:12pm
This is why we try to pick up the pieces and it never works because someone ends up being tazed/shot/exploded

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Prometheus1/14/15 7:02pm
So, about my little idea from a page back, I could use some help with that.

Seeing as how Lilith and Namah have their own unique butt mark, I could use some suggestions on what Wisp, Kalei and Jeneviv's marks should be.

No, I'm not talking about cutie marks. XD I'm talking about coinciding fur and color patterns. Like how Lilith has a heart shape covering her cheeks (nice one, Dave).

Any ideas? ^^'

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Kobalt951/14/15 7:32pm
I think the only other girl out of this list that has a butt-mark is Tinsel. We haven't seen it, but from looking at her again, all I know is that she probably has one.

And in regards to the others, I don't necessarily think all of them have to have a mark. Like, it wouldn't really matter if they have them or not, since Kalei, Jeneviv, Wisp, and Vi probably don't have them in the first place.

Still though, it would be cute and would give this hypothetical piece more of a uniform charm. So, if we can come up with designs for each of their marks then I'd say implement that idea. If not, then it's no big deal.

But I've got nothing on the others so far.

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Prometheus1/14/15 9:12pm

Yeah, I found a sticker in the DK store that has Tinsel nude. I have her covered (no pun intended).

I'm not worried about Lilith, Namah, Vi, or the Indigo's. There's plenty of stuff showing them off nude. I just looked at Kalei in V3 and she only has markings on her head and toes. The rest of her is just one color. So, safe to say Jeneviv is the same way. Wisp will be the real challenge.

Thanks for the input. ^^

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Asora1/15/15 1:20pm

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Prometheus2/3/15 7:09pm
So, my request to Zagura has been completed. He called it a community request, I guess since I came here and asked for help on what the butt marks should be. XD I don't mind that at all. I did say any ideas I put here are free to use, so yeah.

Sorry, no Tinsel, Wisp, Kalei and Jeneviv. That fell through in the planning.

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Kobalt952/4/15 1:47am

Really?! Holy crap, never expected it to happen so fast! XD

I've seen it, and it looks great! He did a nice job. :) I'm so thankful that our community is filled with friendly and talented artists like Zagura.

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Asora2/4/15 3:59pm
Was it the one that was titled "Height and Butts" which showed Lilith, Namah, Vi, and the Indingo sisters turning there backs and showing off their butts while being nude?

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FoxPhantom2/5/15 10:39pm
He is indeed pretty talented.
Very interesting how much anatomy is in it, which I think is very cool.
Still, that is interesting. Never heard of a community request before.

I kinda wonder how many heart shape patterns exist elsewhere. :P

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