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Prometheus4/10/15 11:34am
Just a quick update, I am in the process of giving a title to my previous ten ideas and the ideas to come. Anyone who wishes to use these ideas are in no way obligated to use the titles, I just thought it would be fun to give them a witty title that I feel matches the idea. ^^

Here are just two ideas for now.

Idea #11, I Will Never Forgive You:

As I said I would, here is a violent picture idea to change up my brainstorming a bit. This idea is of Bast killing Ravat with a point-blank stream of fire to his face as a lifeless, wide-eyed Mace lies nearby with a knife jammed into his throat. Bast has grabbed Ravat, who is on both knees, by the collar of his vest wtih his left hand and has shot a steady stream of fire with his right hand into Ravat's face. His muzzle is wide open as he screams, fur and flesh flying off of his skull and face in flames and ash. Meanwhile, Mace is already dead as he lays in a puddle of his own blood. He had been stabbed in the throat with the knife left in it. Cuts are visible across his face with tears in his jacket with more cuts visible through the tears. It was clear that Ravat had his way with Mace before Bast arrived to avenge him.

Idea #12, To Pleasure and Serve:

Because I can never stop thinking about porn of this series, here's another risque idea. This one is of Tinsel in a gangbang orgy with the shock troopers. This one is much like the one with Wisp, only this time, Tinsel is facing down rather than up. She is, of course, getting DP'ed while sucking a trooper off and handjobbing two more. The trooper she's laying down on as he fucks her pussy is Cal from the upcoming Volume 4. All the troopers are wearing their armor, helmets, goggles, masks (save for Cal, who only wears armor from what we've seen of him). The perspective is still being worked out, I'm contemplating making it viewed from her face or a more upward view in order to catch all the action.

And, there you have it. More to arrive soon. :3

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zagura5/19/15 4:09am
XD Your ideas are fun to work with Pro.

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Prometheus5/19/15 7:40am
Well, thanks. XP I aim to help and impress. X3

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Kymastrider9/16/15 7:09pm
Someone was discussing about concern about erotic images of DK characters, and it gave me a brilliant idea for a fanart from this pic.

I realized there isn't enough erotic artwork of male characters in the DK fandom, So I was thinking of commissioning something that was a male version of the Harem picture.

It would include Bobby, Karo, Bast (and I dunno maybe Woods and Bill) Lying around on red velvet Pillows in silky white loincloths and looking sexy and erotic.

And I dunno perhaps it'll have Namah in the middle enjoying herself.

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MobileCrusader9/16/15 9:43pm
Kek that would be a sight to see. Nice dichotomy.

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Prometheus9/17/15 8:10pm

This idea pleases me. :P

Though, I was thinking it could be Wisp in the middle since I think she would have the same kind of face that Mace had in his harem vision. I think her shy personality would take control in a situation like that. XD

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RemarkablyAverage10/7/15 10:24pm
I got a question if anyone here wants to take a shot at it.

I was roughing out an idea for a short NSFW comic featuring wisp, eventually coming to the part in the script where the clothes come off.
Looking over the character model, and the comic in general, her clothes seem like a close fit with no obvious points where it is meant to come apart.

as a reference:(sfw)

Not only that but all the ends of the clothing have parts that wrap around to prevent it from coming off easily. The main trouble spots being: over the hands and feet, a completed collar at the neck, and the places where the wings poke through.

My first idea was a highly elastic material meant to be stretched to come off (like a lot of sweaters).
Though it would probably have to stretch more than normal fabric, due to the fact the collar is skinny and her head is wider than her shoulders.
leading to my last part of the problem.


Her "fingers" are basically claws. trying to pull off elastic clothing with claws would destroy any comfortable material I can think of...

She could always just phase through them to get out I guess... It would be tricky getting them back on though.

I'm sure I'm just overthinking things, but I thought it was a fun question to think about.

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Prometheus10/8/15 10:14am

You bring up some good points about her design when it comes to NSFW art. This is probably why very few have attempted to draw porn of her. Her design, as far as the hands are concerned, makes it difficult to simulate her getting her suit off.

Maybe she does phase out of it, then hangs it up somewhere so she can phase back in. It would be an interesting question to ask Dave sometime (without mentioning the reasons behind the question, of course XP).

I'm sure it won't be too much of an issue for you. I'm intrigued that you're trying a short fan comic. This maybe what we need to get the Wisp fanart train rolling. XD

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Prometheus1/1/16 10:50am

Sorry for taking so long to get an answer for you, but I asked Dave on Twitter and he "postulates" that there is an invisible zipper where the black and white meet in the front.

So, he hasn't really thought about it himself, but that is his idea on how she gets in and out of the suit. XD

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zagura1/1/16 7:46pm
As I suggested long ago, when in doubt, velcro. v_v

With the extraordinary anatomy of the DK world, my assumption would be that the more unique types of clothing would mostly likely be of some sort of stretchy synthetic/flowood fiber similar to nylon or latex-type fibers.

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Kymastrider2/10/16 4:34pm
Someone should draw some Erotic pictures of Vanth, we havent seen any attempts at her yet, and I think she has a very nice ass.

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Hakuzo2/13/16 1:31pm
There isn't many fetish type images of DK yet. R34 is slipping.

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Prometheus2/13/16 6:06pm
So far, the only artist we know who draws R34 on a regular basis is Zagura. We normally don't see it from anyone else for at least a month at a time. And, most of it nowadays isn't even fanart, but commissioned artwork.

Either, Dreamkeepers is gonna have to really take off in order to draw in more fan artists or this maybe the status quo for the foreseeable future.

EDIT: As far as ideas go, we could definitely use more Vanth. But, I really want to see something of the antagonists like Tinsel, Ravat, or some of the Neons.

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AFox3/11/16 6:56pm
Didn't realize I was supposed to put this here earlier ^^; whoops

A bit odd, but why is it I get the impression Muliebral could be portrayed as a BBW?

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Prometheus5/20/18 12:12pm
Yeesh, this sure has collected dust, hasn't it? Time to revive this with some fresh ideas. XD Not very original, sadly, but I think they would be favored by a lot of you.

1) Mace dropping his pants in Volume 2, but from Wisp's point of view.

2) The Indigos ripping off their tops during their distraction in Volume 2, but from the crowd's point of view.

3) Similar to the first idea, instead of flying away in despair, Wisp takes advantage of the surprised Mace and forces him into sex with multiple copies of her by pleasuring them in different ways at the same time.

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