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Subscribe to this thread Commission/Fanart Ideas created by Prometheus on August 1, 2014

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Prometheus8/1/14 8:53am
This thread is for the discussion of possible pictures that could be drawn by David during conventions or by the lovely fan artists in our community. :) Share your ideas, everyone!

Nothing explicit, though. I'll be making another thread specifically for that.

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BryanDimmsdale8/2/14 2:43am
I want to see an art where Namah and Lilith are playing chess, and Namah looks pretty bored while Lilith's face is calculating, probably losing. XD

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ezioauditore978/2/14 1:45pm
There are so many good ideas which Dave could render fantastically in pencil it's almost tormenting to have to pick one of several good ideas for him to render upon paper.

Having seen him once and having other conventions I would enjoy I might not see him again for a while but,alas,my com ideas range from gangster Bobby and Vi to Nightmare's rocking the place and everything in between!

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Asora8/2/14 6:52pm
My idea for a commission will show a few shocktroopers gazing over the edge of a gaping hole at the 557th floor of the Sabbotan Towers, looking at the view in shock and horror of almost the entire city of Anduruna in total chaos while other shocktroopers try to mover up the tower, seeming like there trying to look for the Viscount while other troopers look like there going back down, seeming like there are going to defend the tower.

What I am trying to say is that the commission will show what would it look like if the nightmares iniciat there assault on city, unleashing total mayhem apoun the city while the law, the Troika, and others try to defend it and try to get the sitituation under control.

I think that would be pretty cool commission. Of course it won't be canon, but the commission's are considered non-canon entirley so heh, what the hell.

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ezioauditore978/2/14 9:02pm
The only thing that might hinder that would be the scope although Dave does do comics so if you could get the idea down in a sequential format within your head perhaps that might work out.

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MobileCrusader8/3/14 5:33pm
We cannot forget sherlock Namah with Watson Gregori, and gangster rap Tendril.

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Prometheus8/3/14 7:00pm
Namah pwnting Lilith at chess sounds very amusing. XD I like Asora's story idea, too.

My Rock Star Calah and Micheal "Ravat" Jackson ideas are still fresh in my mind. Wasn't it Twilight or somebody who did a Rock Star Lilith pic a while back?

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DanWithTheHat8/4/14 7:04pm
Twi did make that. Dave also made it a print on DA:

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ezioauditore978/10/14 7:07pm
Secret agent Indigoes in black tight suits and orange gogles (One on Indi's face while Digo's is dangling on her neck) in action poses or scaling a wall would look really cool!(Might do it myself if I feel I could do the idea any justice)

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Prometheus8/13/14 11:00am
If I can ever make it to any cons with a decent amount of money, I would like Dave to draw an anthro version of Connor Kenway from Assassin's Creed III going to town on a squad of shock troopers with his tomahawk.

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Prometheus4/20/15 1:47pm
So, here's a few fun ideas I came up with. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has thought of it.

These two ideas are a rather common concept in the furry fandom: genderbending. I'm thinking of an image showing off Mace, Lilith, Namah, and Bast in the opposite sex. This will be tricky for me since I've never entertained the idea fully until now. I'm not quite sure what their genederbent selves would wear or look like, but I have a general idea.

Not much would change with Mace except maybe he would have hair on his head as a girl. He would have long, brown hair with a ponytail.

Male Lilith would have his hair short and smooth. He would probably wear a knitted, patterned sweater with cackeys and dress shoes, 'cuz that's the typical image of a bookworm with a penchant for learning.

Male Namah would probably sport a mohawk, since that's known to be a thing with goths and emos. The clothes, without the legwarmers, should stay the same, though. The original Namah's outfit is masculine enough.

Fem Bast will be a challenge. I think she would be more of a tomboy considering the Male Bast's temper and his athletics. I see her having more head hair than Male Bast, but it being more scruffy and uncared for. The biggest challenge would be what she would wear. She would probably wear clothes similar to Vanth's, but I was also thinking she would wear an animesque dress matching Male Bast's clothing colors.

My second idea is the same, but with some of the Darks. Tinsel, Ravat, Wisp, and Randy will be in this one.

Male Tinsel would be more thick in the body and muscular like a mastodon with slick, shorter hair. He would also wear very little save for various kinds of shorts. Being a male fitness model would be a nice parallel to the real Tinsel's female fashion model career.

Fem Ravat would be leaner, but still muscular. Her head would also be smaller with only a few sprigs to act as hair. She would still wear the same uniform as Male Ravat except with just a plain tank top instead of the vest.

Male Wisp wouldn't be much of a change except he would be thicker and have shorter hair that is neatly combed.

Male Randy would wear girly, fashionable clothes and have brown hair going down to the neck in a braid.

That's it for now. Of course, I'm methodically cooking up some NSFW ideas related to this. Those will be in the appropriate thread. XD

What do you think of this one?

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FoxPhantom4/20/15 4:28pm
I think the gender bender bast could have clothing contrast to the male counter part, except that the scarf is still there? perhaps longer?

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Prometheus4/20/15 7:23pm

Yeah, that's what I thought the first time. I was just letting my thoughts ramble on. The scarf would still be there, for sure.

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Prometheus6/8/15 7:22pm
Seeing the JuneKeeper challenge chugging along, I have a few suggestions for anyone needing something to draw for the challenge.

One idea I came up with is a sketch of Igrath lifting 600 pounds worth of weight on a barbell with the Indigo's swooning in the background. XP

Another is of Namah and Lilith in bikinis in the water. Namah is wearing a Gregori snorkel facemask as she tackles a surprised Lilith from behind. A corner panel shows Mace, Whip and Bast looking on in blushing curiosity. X3

This last one will probably be a challenge for the uninvested. It's a what-if sketch based on my idea on what the aftermath of the story will be like. A mature, muscular Bast is on a manekale, wearing ragged fatigues with a quilted sweater and a City Guard springer rifle over his back, looking over a ruined, lifeless Anduruna from a Starfall cliff. In the distance, most of the Sabbaton Towers had collapsed onto the city during whatever horrible conflict occurred during the story, leaving behind the four interconnected, smaller towers and a mere stump that was once the central tower.

If anyone needs an idea on what to draw during the challenge or whenever, here you go. ^^

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MobileCrusader7/6/15 11:46am
Junekeepers went well for what I saw.

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