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Dreamkeepers Forums - Do DK Crossbreeds exist?

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Subscribe to this thread Do DK Crossbreeds exist? created by BryanDimmsdale on July 29, 2014

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MobileCrusader8/3/14 5:52pm
I assume they would be limited to anything based of the animal kingdom.

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joeden8/13/14 7:06pm
aside from the asexual Nightmares i'd say that they might exist if you count alien life because aside from not meeting anything other then nightmares aliens could be a possibility if DNA can match up right.

But again Dreamkeepers have never met aliens unless you count the fan fic i wrote and with that sex was the last thing on everyone's minds as orcs tried to kill everything and the Joedens tried to contain them with the shocks providing whatever assist they could.

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BryanDimmsdale8/14/14 5:04pm
Well, it is possible because, well base from other fanfics they can already travel beyond the skies already. Then again, it doesn't seem realistic anymore. Forgive my condolences, but don't you think that adding aliens would make the DK world problematic than it already would? They might as well as represent the nightmares themselves.

P.S. I hope someone talk about this on the live chat though. I would, but I always miss it. XD

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Asora8/19/14 5:00pm
I am actually fairly certain that there is in fact alien life outside of the DK World. Think about it for a sec. If there are dreamkeepers for humans, why not extra-terristrial dreamkeepers for other beings in space. In fact, why not dreamkeepers for all aspects of life?

Another thing is that there is obviously a night sky that views stars in the DK World, so saying that aliens don't exist in the DK Universe is like taking a cup of ocean water and saying that there are no whales at sea.

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BryanDimmsdale8/31/14 5:09am
Heya guys, I asked Dave about the Crossbreeds existence, specifically the DK-Nightmares; turns out he confirmed that they may exist in the DK world, though he won't show them in the GNS, and he also said that they are very rare. So if this is possible, then it is also possible to have DK-plant crossbreeds or Alien-DK type crossbreeds, as said by ZycantAlpha and Asora, but that's just my assumption.

Now following up with the first question; since they exist (I'm talking about the DK-Nightmares specifically), whom will they be siding from, Dreamkeepers or Nightmares? Any opinions, guys?

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MobileCrusader8/31/14 9:37am
I would guess it would be a case by case basis thing. Whoever the half blood is raised to be decides.

I'm more interested in how they are created... I doubt its any sort of conventional breeding.

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Prometheus8/31/14 10:01am
I tend to think it's through some kind of injection or a ritual-based metamorphosis.

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MobileCrusader8/31/14 3:39pm
Metamorphosis and contracts are the two most likely methods, IMO.

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BryanDimmsdale8/31/14 8:37pm
I think I found out what they my look like if we saw them:

As for their breeding/birth stages or similar to that, I suggest we can create another post about that but w/ 18+ because that might be a sensitive issue to others now.

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MobileCrusader8/31/14 8:47pm
as long as we dont throw around a bunch of porn, i dont see why we would need another thread for the topic of creation/birthing in regards to a halfblood.

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BryanDimmsdale8/31/14 9:04pm
@MobileCrusader: Well, yeah about that, um sorry to be a bit rude, but didn't your mating comment on the first page started the 18+ post/concern, yet somehow there's no porn related in your comment?

Just trying to be on the safe side; we maybe talking maturly here, but others might think this is another fetish for DKs and Nightmares section, don't ya think?

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Salahir10/27/14 5:51pm
Well, the topic is a bit older, but I wanna add some ideas:

If there is a possible DK/Nightmare relationship, what's their human world counterpart? A shizophrenic human seemingly related to himself? Nightmares don't have counterparts in the human world.

Let's get weirder:
An offspring will be half DK, so it has somewhat a human counterpart. How is it born? If the mother is a DK, it is born as a taintless pregnancy without a father? If the mother is a nightmare, it...pops out of nowhere? That's like birth to the antichrist :X

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BryanDimmsdale10/28/14 1:28am
Wow, what a coincidence! It's Halloween and we're discussing disturbing things, hurrah!

I might have to disagree with you there my friend, the Nightmares do exists in our world, actually it's right in front us.

1st counter-example: If they don't exist in our world, then we wouldn't have any supernatural and paranormal encounters now, do we? I mean, ghosts for example, aren't they just negative "living memories" of people who have passed away and they are very much present in the living world, I mean,

THEY. ARE. DEAD; they shouldn't even exist;

but no, instead they are still with us, watching us, walking among us. We just don't see them unless these "living memories" wanted to.

2nd counter-example: Look again, (spoilers, perhaps), don't you think of considering the word "DEMONS"? They have the similar explanations, and these have been rumored by our ancestors as nightmarish, and take of the word "NIGHTMARISH" creatures that temps, harassed, and possessed any human it desires; that sounds like DK Nightmares to me, only in the real world. That's why we have religion, and I believe this is self explanatory.

My conclusion to the second one is Nightmares are just another name for demons or evil spirits in the DK realm.

Now to answer your question: look and read these, and and yeah, it's disturbing I know.

And let me ask you something, how do we know the people around us? Are you sure they are exactly human beings like us, or they just look exactly like us, but has some very dark secrets hidden within their biological DNA?

And I quote Sirius Black in Harry Potter who said: "There are devils within the walls, Harry." or something like that.

Though I have another theory:

Don't ya think we, human beings, can either have or have both DK and Nightmare counterparts? If we neglect the existence of paranormal and evil beings, then it's only us and the animals. I mean, we can be good or we can be evil. Look our human history, and, I can say this, we are both benevolent and evil beings. Example, the ISIS; don't ya think some of them have Nightmare counterparts, I mean, they're also killing their fellow Muslims, and even I am not one, but I know that it is forbidden in their Qu'ran to kill people and it is considered sinful, regardless of that person is. Another example, WWII; that...I can't even say it. Billions of people died that time, and the one responsible for this, might not have a DK counterpart, but instead a Nightmare one.


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Salahir10/28/14 5:53pm
Ah...what? I'm pretty sure Dave said Nightmares cannot or just barely move into our realm of existence. Only Lord Void made it once as known so far. And then the nightmare may have sexual contact directly without the DK. If it uses the DK, the child will pop out of nowhere. Nightmares have no direct counterpart of themselves in the human world. They are in the DK OR the human realm.

And another fact is, that DK and human counterpart are connected. If one dies, the other one dies, too. There are no nightmarish humans as far as known. It is the essential task of dreamkeepers to prevent nightmares entering our realm or possessing a human while killing his/her DK. If they may switch worlds at will or are present with a counterpart already...the whole story is absurd.

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BryanDimmsdale10/29/14 12:45am
-_-, okaaay then, I guess you don't understand what I'm saying this whole time above, huh?

Well, I won't argue with again concerning that, I'll just waste my time. I'll let you win for now.

But here's the problem, I talk to Dave about this a long time ago (If somebody had posted that Live Chat before then I would have proof to show you). And he said that IT IS possible that a DK/Nightmare crossbreed exist in the DK world. Sounds contradicting to his first statement, yes? And I know for sure Dave is kinda serious at that time, and if he said they do exist, then they do exist.

He also said this, I don't know if it's exactly word by word, but here we go; He kinda said that he doesn't add too many reality in Dk or "eh F*** physics", something like that.

If you are really unsure and again, you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, just ask Dave himself in the Next Live Chat.

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