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Subscribe to this thread The Twins, Kalei and Jeneviv created by Ice4smaster on February 9, 2013

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Kirito7/15/15 10:52am

alright so since the ban on spoiler content for the forum has been lifted, it's time to talk about the twins.

In volume Four, we see that Kalei is in fact harboring the Spirits of Order. I think that Nabonidus originally planned to redo what he had done many, many, years ago, which was to summon the spirits of order into the twins. This was stopped, however, by Scuttler, who killed Jeneviv to summon void. I wonder if Kalei is going to be a weapon against Nabonidus? It's been speculated that a dreamkeeper isn't suited to harbor spirits, so she is marked for death. Personally, I don't think this is the case, but it will be very interesting to see how she comes into play in later volumes.

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BryanDimmsdale8/17/16 10:01am
Is it me, or is Dave planning Kalei to become a main supporting character with her own storyline, together with the other Main 5's/6's?

P.S. Oh wow, she became way more gorgeous with that short hair and Lara Croft outfit <3

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Prometheus8/17/16 11:03am

Well, it would seem she is now a main cast member. I guess she will either be tagging along with the rest of the team or will be off on her own little adventure. Either way, she wants to find Jeneviv, but we all already know that that's not going to end well.

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PrototypeBast8/25/17 2:46pm
The question on my mind is "Will Kalei stare at mace's tail or Bast tail?"
Or will she ignore them entirely....

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Prometheus8/31/17 12:33pm

Good question. Their tails are extremely huggable. I wouldn't blame her for wanting to latch onto one of them. XD

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