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Subscribe to this thread Ending Theories created by JudasScorpioDeMazier on July 17, 2014

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JudasScorpioDeMazier7/17/14 7:06pm
Any ideas for what happens at the end?

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MobileCrusader7/17/14 7:26pm
I see it as the Dreamkeepers surviving the newest wave of nightmare warfare, with a few notable points.

1/4 of entire listed cast still standing. From the main group, I see it as Namah. I think Lilith will die first, Bast goes lone wolf, Mace and Namah join resistance and try to save city.

Mace and Whip follow theories presented I'm the character threads by me (Mace and Whip are one being, or a familiar and master)

Mace/Whip confront and kill Nabonidus after an assault into the Nightmare Relm, or wherever Nabonidus's HQ is.

If Void is not dead at this point, Mace kills Void. Dies securing passage for party remnants.

Bast killed either by Ravat, Nabonidus, or Mace.

Dreamkeepers remember the lessons of this war, vow to be prepared for future attacks from nightmare menace.

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ezioauditore977/17/14 7:32pm
Well stuff's going to die,there will be a moment of hopelessness,and it's not going to be a cheap surrealistic ending seeing how much Dave and Liz invested in it.Also even with the side characters I doubt they're going to get cheap deaths although I'm sure Dave and Liz can pull plenty of Troika redshirts up,why heck I wouldn't mind my own OC perishing )I just hope the epilogue is well done as well if a good portion of characters don't die at one point or another beforehand seeing how much we'll be invested in them .

Kind of thorough and fulfilling like the Fullmetal Alchemist epilogue ideally with a nice picture gallery at the very end showing the characters who are still alive later than the epilogue as a bonus.

Of course I would LOVE an extra creepy alternate ending with the nightmare's winning and it could be done sooner than the ending if it's just vaguely apocalyptic and not spoiling anything with the added benefit of having any deceased villains be present.After all in an ideal "bad ending" Tendril just HAS to be there when Lilith goes down.;)

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BryanDimmsdale7/18/14 4:22am
Another suggestion of an Epilogue/Ending of the GNS: (With relation with ezioauditore97's comment)

Part 1: (Mana Khemia - Last Boss Fight)
Part 2: (Mana Khemia - Vayne Ending)

??? - Nabonidus
Vayne - Mace
Sulpher - Whip

This would likely be a bad ending

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Asora8/29/14 6:11pm
Just wait and see my friends, just wait and see.....

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Digitigraderobo8/29/14 6:27pm
Here's my theory(s), Mace, Whip, Namah, and Lilith, become Troika members (and badasses). Bast becomes a dark dreamkeeper, I have no idea what happens to the main Troika dudes, like Bobby, Karo and Vi. Then there is a huge battle between the nightmares and dark DKs, the shocktroops and the Troika, the Sabbaton towers get blown the fuck up, boom!! boom!. The nightmares lose, and Andaruna, gets plunged into a war between the Troika and the government, there is no end in sight...

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Asora8/30/14 5:14am
"the Sabbaton towers get blown the fuck up, boom!! boom!!" Makes me laugh for some reason.

But seriously though, The Sabbaton Towers literally look like they are designed to fucking collapse besides being a huge marvel structure towards the dreamkeepers. I wouldn't really mind if that truly happens in the graphic novels, but I just think that's a little too obvious or cliche. That's my opinion though.

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Prometheus9/3/14 11:47am
Why have I not seen this thread before? XD

All right, here's my little theory about the end of the story and the events surrounding it.

The Dream Team returns home from an epic adventure in many uncharted regions of the Dreamworld, only to find the city torn apart by a Troika-led revolution. Many parts of the city are in flames and the City Guard, after only a few weeks of battle, are forced to retreat into Sabbaton as the Troika begin pushing their way towards the Towers. As the Dream Team reaches the Troika's emplacements outside of Sabbaton, the Nightmares strike.

But, as the Nightmares loyal to Void, who has eventually been killed off at this point, attack the city, Nabonidus arrives with his own Nightmares and the two factions square off.

The Dream Team is forced to separate and regroup at a specific location. In the ensuing chaos, Namah is mortally wounded. During their adventure, Bast finally wins over Lilith's heart and Mace decides to let it go and hooks up with Namah (who he was more acquainted with than Lilith from the start, anyway). After an inevitable battle to stay alive, Namah dies in Mace's arms. Crushed with the death of his love, Mace's Power finally erupts and he races off to track down Nabonidus and end the war once and for all.

That's all I got for this theory, so far. :)

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JudasScorpioDeMazier9/3/14 12:11pm
That's a pretty powerful ending man

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Asora9/3/14 6:08pm
For some reason, when Prometheus said about Namah's death and Mace's power is finally activated, I had goosebumps. No, seriously though, I literally had miniature goosebumps going up to my right side.

Is that shit normal?!

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Foxer3609/3/14 9:07pm
A good story plot always invovles someone knowing themselves better. Like Mace discovering his powers (They are rock-powers? Look at the galleries for a hint), for example. So, at this point, too little is known about the plot to make a solid ending theory... but there must be a loss to help the characters complete their journey of self discovery.

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Xeverusmiller9/3/14 10:17pm
My take on this? I think Mace will resist all of Ravat's or any of the Dark DK's attempt to activate his power, IF he has still to activate it, perhaps even resist all their attempts to make him join them...

That is...

Until Nabonidus decides to handle it personally.There won't even be a fight at all, Nabonidus merely asks just why in the world is Mace fighting for Lilith and the other so much. Then, after Mace answers, he asks if he knows that they have the same dedication that he gives to them.

Cue the poor orphan realizing just how alone and how 'selfless' he was and that the only person to ever reciprocate his feelings (To an extent) was Paige while Lilith and Namah don't seem to be even that interested in him while Bast and the others merely puts up to him.

A few more questions later, with Nabby pushing the right buttons, Mace finally goes Dark.

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BryanDimmsdale10/24/14 4:54am
Update [10/24/2014]:

I found another possible ending, especially the first part of the clip. The city of the video is very similar to Anduruna itself which is circular. I believe this is the counterpart that if the DK's dies, so are the humans in very similar way. And I think, this might be the case, the nightmares WILL STRIKE, and it would be a very, very bad situation as the heroes are finally into the climax of the story.

Watch this:

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Asora10/24/14 1:44pm

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BryanDimmsdale10/25/14 5:37pm
In DK standards: Um, yes?

In real world: "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES, AHHHH!!!"

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