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Subscribe to this thread New Moderator created by Dreamkeepers on July 16, 2014

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Corvus7/17/14 3:44pm
The Chat Mods and the Reddit Mod are totally different positions

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MobileCrusader7/17/14 3:45pm
Yea, my moderation post has nothing to do with this post, i just said it because it was in the same vein.

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Prometheus7/17/14 4:19pm
I get it now. XD News to me that we have mods for the chat and Reddit.

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FoxPhantom7/17/14 4:58pm
If I am not mistaken it's possible that David would pick two people for the position.

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DanWithTheHat7/17/14 6:18pm
I never moderated something before but I would have no problem doing it. I just don't have too much free time during the day to do so. I'm free most nights though after 5 pm.

I would Nominate either:

1) MobileCrusader

Both would make great mods :)

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ThatDudesDude7/20/14 12:59pm
Everyone should become a moderator, then we can all get into the moderator bus for some tea and cake while banning anyone and everyone :3

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GodofVelcro7/20/14 1:11pm
If everyone was a mod, who would we ban?
Also, I love the bus idea. Spray-paint a school bus red, with "Moderators" covering every conceivable surface.

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MobileCrusader7/20/14 1:16pm
We could create fake accounts with intent to ban!

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Corvus7/20/14 6:34pm
Really, If a moderator needs to ban anyone, then they aren't doing it right. Unless the user is going in with the intention of getting banned should they really end up banned, unless the user simply will not take a hint and disregards warnings.

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FoxPhantom7/20/14 8:01pm
Corvus has a point, since the rules also states about Bans being there if someone goes to the full length on breaking the spirit of the guidelines, Don't be a jerk, not to post unsettling Material, et cetera.

Also, if everyone became a mod, who would mod the mods? (this came from a phrase. "If the guards watches out for it's people, then who would guard the guards?)
Sorry, but I think having everyone as a mod would be too much. I know having mods is grand, but I think it would be too much if everyone began giving each other bans or warnings to the point of bans.

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ThatDudesDude7/21/14 6:14am
I was really just joking, though I wanted the red moderator school bus to become a reality. All my dreams are for naught though.

But in all seriousness (considering the answers) Corvus and Fox does seem like competent people and I would not mind having one of them (or both) as a moderator :3

PS. "Who watches the Watchmen?"

EDIT: And Crusader and Velcro, considering the amount of time you two spend here :D

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PotatoFox7/21/14 10:52am
Perhaps multiple moderators to self moderate the moderators, thus ensuring the moderated moderators moderate moderately
Isn't bureaucracy exciting?

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Dreamkeepers7/21/14 1:45pm
Thank you to everyone for giving suggestions and sharing your thoughts. 8 )

It looks like some pretty frequent names are RatherDullChap/PotatoFox, Dan With the Hat, Mobile, and Prometheus.

Next step, I'll PM and see who would like to moderate. And then we will probably have some new moderators, so yay. 8 D

Also, sorry for missing last week's chat, I will endeavor to keep my wits about me and show up this Thursday in the new room.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier7/22/14 9:07am
Sounds tubular man :D

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ezioauditore977/22/14 8:28pm
Rather pleased to have Dan as one in particular.Fair and nice guy based on my correspondence with him at least.

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