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Subscribe to this thread New Moderator created by Dreamkeepers on July 16, 2014

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Dreamkeepers7/16/14 11:04am
Good afternoon!

Two notes here: The Chatroom is down, again, so here's a new one:

Try it out, and if we like it then it'll officially be the new chatroom.

Second note- you guys have mentioned that it's about time for a new moderator, so now that it's two months later, let's tackle it!

Here's my idea:

Reply below, and nominate up to three forum goers who would make good moderators. Hopefully some clear options will emerge. I'll ask the recurring nominess if they would like the position, and then maybe we'll have a new mod or two. Huzzah!

So ask yourself, who would make a good moderator? Who's here pretty often, mature, and fair? Think it over, and share below!

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PotatoFox7/16/14 12:03pm
I instigate a vote. I nominate myself. Nominated persons: RatherDullChap/PotatoFox. I vote for myself. Vote closed. RatherDullChap/PotatoFox has one vote for, none against. Vote won by RatherDullChap/PotatoFox.

Jokes aside (for about 5 minutes), I nominate that portable campaigner fellow, whatshisface? He is frequent enough on the forum, as is that sticky deity person and also that tuberous vulpine.
Actually, this might be difficult as there are more than three people (do I count as a person or a liability?) that would be suitable. Let's just make everyone moderators! That will solve all our problems!

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FoxPhantom7/16/14 3:56pm
Sorry I am not often around.
I could say Calico Yorki for being voted on.
DanwiththeHat is another I could think of, however I don't know how much he is around.
and last person I could think of is Mobile Crusader. However if I am not mistaken that he is also a mod on another site.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier7/16/14 4:41pm
I'm with dullchap, a lot of people that are frequent on here would make great mods! Though I probably shouldn't get nominated, since I've had some pretty bad attempts at being a mod. XD

But if i were to nominate people to be mods, I'd say MobileCrusader, PotatoFox/RatherDullchap, and DanwiththeHat.

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MobileCrusader7/16/14 5:12pm
I must say my first nomination would be Dan, but the I know a almost any of us would make decent Moderators.

I myself have moderated a few forums in my day, and I'm actually attempting to become the moderator for the Dreamkeepers Subreddit.

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ezioauditore977/16/14 5:18pm
DanWithTheHat's nice although nobody else really seems to come to mind all that much;I wouldn't mind Zagura or Prometheus becoming one too.

Of course I wouldn't mind being one but,I'm a really big social klutz so you probably know how that would go down!

Also with the new chat I take it you wish for the forum goers seeing this to spread word to the other frequent chat users who aren't so active on the forums so they get their input as well?Just a thought.

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Prometheus7/16/14 5:38pm
I would have to nominate Zagura, MobileCrusader, or PotatoFox/Chap to the mod position. I would nominate myself, too, but I'm pretty sure that's an unspoken rule for this voting. XD

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Korangar7/16/14 7:22pm
Just my opinion :
1) RatherDullChap
2) DanWithTheHat
3) Prometheus (Or MobileCrusader)

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Corvus7/16/14 9:45pm
So effectively this is your typical popularity contest for moderator positions? I will simply put out there that there isn't really anyone around the forums or chat who would be a bad choice, and the forums themselves aren't sufficiently busy nor do they really have the type of users that would even require more than a single moderator, much less the chat which has only a single usage spike a week. So simply put I don't really see the need for making more than there already are, and the activity around here is hardly the type that serves as a good indicator of the ideal candidates.(ie, there isn't enough data to make an informed decision)

How can I say this? Having done various moderating duties from small scale forums all the way up to a MMO, I can say from experience that at worst the biggest moderating worries you will see are the occasional Ad-bot, User Feuds, and Questionably SFW postings.

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Canthui7/16/14 10:08pm
I nominate:

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MobileCrusader7/17/14 3:41am
Heads up everyone, you are looking at the new moderator of

So yea, that's a thing now.

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Prometheus7/17/14 11:23am
Congratulations! :D

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MobileCrusader7/17/14 12:22pm
Yep. I'm about to update everything since I'm home from work now.

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GodofVelcro7/17/14 12:42pm
I would nominate myself, but I feel as though that would be a very bad idea. I would nominate someone else, but I honestly can't think of any few people who would be right for the job. Good luck to all of you!

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Prometheus7/17/14 12:44pm
Wait, isn't it over? Or, are we shooting for two mods?

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