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Subscribe to this thread The Doolittle Estate created by CalicoYorki on July 12, 2014

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CalicoYorki7/12/14 7:25pm
(I think this is in the right place, or at least the best fit)

Built alongside one of the most rapidly-flowing rivers at the feet of the Starfall, the Doolittle Estate is powered by hydroelectrics as much as it is by Lunarous energy. The entire compound is shaped a bit like a "G," bent so that the river runs on by at three places. Very wild, flowering plants surround the estate, extending thorny vines up the outer walls. The interconnected buildings are about four stories tall, with garden terraces on top. Intricate arches support the outside, as do decorated pillars outside. Everything is flashy, but in a warm, inviting way.

Inside the compound, the Doolittle Family and their gang members have taken up residence. Furnished comfortably and warmly, without pretentious modernist trappings at all, there are big infoscrolls alongside heirloom antiques. Rarely ever fully quiet, there's always someone watching out for the sleeping. When everyone's awake, there's always food cooking and music playing. Everyone seems to have an instrument and a cooking skill to contribute, as well as playful barbs. Cultural elements from all over the city come together on the Doolittle Estate, leading to some interesting festivities.

In moist caverns beneath the compound, barrels of illegal fermentae are stored amongst special, fluorescent fungus. The lunarous which trickles down into the caves leads to glowing mosses and fungus of many colors, which illuminate not only the stores of fermentae, but also weapons and armor and other relics which have been rescued from Anduruna's past. To those connoisseurs who are in the know, Sage Doolittle and her daughters - Pepper and Clover - orchestrate free galas in which they inventory parts of the caverns and their reserves.

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ZycantAlpha7/13/14 2:14pm
I take it most of the characters would probably be along the lines of wealthy and under the law?

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CalicoYorki7/13/14 5:08pm
They're generally protected by the wealth and societal contributions of Sage Doolittle, matriarch of the family.

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