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Subscribe to this thread Space Dandy: A Dandy Guy...In Space. created by CalicoYorki on July 9, 2014

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CalicoYorki7/9/14 4:06pm
Who here is a fan of the newfangled anime Space Dandy?

I think it is irreverent, and hilarious. The new season is starting off strong, and I love the voice acting for the English dub.

Also, I think that Space Dandy has taught all of us a powerful lesson:

Good things happen to folks who just chill.

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ezioauditore977/9/14 4:31pm
I've been liking how they are simultaneously broadcasting it in both the USA and Japan;helps the hype train quite a bit and the USA does buy a lot of anime so it's nice that one studio appreciates it.

I do hope they release it on Blu-Ray soon especially with the whimsical sense of humor it has;I like how Japanese humor is not nearly as profane or explicit just for the sake of it being that way.(Granted it can still be like that just far more tasteful than like say,South Park)

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CalicoYorki7/9/14 9:06pm

I do know of one anime which is about equivalent to South Park - Panty & Stocking w/ Garterbelt.

Okay think of it this way: FLCL was what happened when you took some really great creative minds from Studio Gainax, and then gave them the good drugs.

P&SwG is what happens when you give those same luminaries -all- of the drugs, and maybe some Pixie Stix and Pepsi.

I like how without ever losing its quirky charm, Space Dandy can still deliver on a little bit of drama. On the other hand, it doesn't get bogged down with anything that keeps you from having a good time whilst watching it.

Season 2 got off to a -great- start, I love that funky music, I love all of the references...

...Be still, my heart.

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MobileCrusader7/10/14 3:35am
I saw the series two premier, and the robots in love episode. It was OK. I've not seen enough to form an opinion.

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CalicoYorki7/25/14 4:25pm
Okay, the last two episodes were interesting.

"There's Music in the Darkness, Baby" got a little bit dark at some parts. However, it was one of those episodes in which we got to see Dandy be -really, really cool,- save his friends, and even have a little bit of mercy on the Sympathetic Monster Villain - in that dandy way he has.

And last week's episode...Wow. The animation was certainly...


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ezioauditore977/25/14 7:48pm
I cannot wait to own this series on blu-ray soon whenever it releases hopefully before the end of this year.

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Asora8/3/14 7:37pm

No, serioulsy, I kind of like this show. I saw the first three episodes and they were actually pretty funny.

But there is one thing I don't get.

At the end of Ep.1, Space Dandy and the others unfortinually got killed by a Hawian girl bobbing toy which turned out to be a thermo-nucleur bomb of total inialation and destrution which was made by Dandy himself, yet the next episode showed the three being all right.

FUCK HAPPEN!? Did the first episode took place in one universal parellel dimension and the rest of the series took place in another? Again, FUCK HAPPEN!?

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ezioauditore978/18/14 7:17pm
It's a bit of a comedy so since there's no overarching story line they can get away with crazy stuff like that.

Kind of like how Sonic Boom will be like that and henceforth Sonic and Co. might bite the dust or get in really ridiculous situation for example.(Honestly I'm iffy on it but,having some stupid sense of nostalgia for the games I'll try it and even if her voice is annoying Sticks looks cute)

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CalicoYorki9/2/14 6:37pm
Hey, wait, I know this one~

Because of events in the first episode, there's apparently a ~timeline reset button~ that trips at the end of each episode.

A lot of theories are bouncing around that this will end up being relevant to the plot.

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ezioauditore979/13/14 10:04pm
In the latest episode with the 2d plane and Dandy's 4d old flame they had the scientist and dr bite the dust in a fantastically whimsical manner and seeing how unlikely it is that it'll be permanent I suppose at the end their are some comical demises with some episodes not to be taken too seriously.

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ezioauditore9710/2/14 5:16pm
What an excellent finale it had!

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