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Subscribe to this thread The Mysterious White-Eyed Orphan created by Asora on July 2, 2014

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BryanDimmsdale8/31/14 5:15am
Hmm, I may go "anti-thesis" about this one, but before that (and I may look completely stupid after this question):

Is Azaru the Dark Void himself or some new character?

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Xeverusmiller8/31/14 5:26am
Arazu is the one who supposedly led the Nightmare Forces before Nabby as stated in the dialogue in Volume 1.

Well, for one, if the skunk IS Arazu, I think he looks rather displeased personally than anything. I wouldn't be surprised if it is revealed that Arazu left/betrayed the Nightmares in order to live a peaceful life with the Dreamkeepers(Especially since Scuttler said 'something' went wrong with the executions). It would explain why their society managed to flourish even after Void claimed that he was already victorious.

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Asora8/31/14 6:08am
That actually might be possible. I never even thought of the fact that chances are Arazu could've betrayed the nightmares and decided to life the rest of his life peacefully, and could've been the mysterious white-eyed dreamkeeper (or Steve) all along.


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BryanDimmsdale8/31/14 6:26am
Hmm, what if that's not Azaru(Steve) but his son, I mean, that DK would be dead by the time Nabi took the position?

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Asora8/31/14 6:32am
But what if Azaru (Steve) was "immortal" like Nabonidus and Void, and had powers like them also? Wouldn't the nightmares need a leader that had to be incredibly strong, smart, and long-living to lead them to their plans?

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Xeverusmiller8/31/14 8:07am
Going by what we know about Nightmares(Assuming that Arazu IS a Nightmare, most probably of course) is that they can't reproduce, it's possible that Arazu is Immortal as well, or at least ageless. The fact that Scuttler said that Nabby took over means that he was either: Killed or abandoned the Nightmares to side with the Dreamkeepers for some unknown reason.

Not to mention that he 'led' the Nightmare forces according to Scuttler's dialogue, which hints that he was powerful enough to hold the position.

One can only imagine how an execution could 'go wrong' when the Nightmares were about to win. I say that Arazu botched it himself.

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MobileCrusader8/31/14 9:35am
Its a lot of food for thought.

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Prometheus8/31/14 10:07am
Or, Nabonidus foiled the executions because he has different plans for the dreamkeepers and either destroyed Arazu or assimilated him into his cult of Darks and Nightmares. If it's the latter, then it may be a matter of time before we get to see Arazu.

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Xeverusmiller8/31/14 11:33am
Hmm, seeing as the general... Opinion towards Nabby isn't quite good, him killing Arazu might be plausible. However, we then have to question as to HOW did Nabby even know of Wisp's Attack/Tinsel's Sabotage on the orphanage.

The skunk could be Nabby himself, or it can be Arazu working as a spy for him to monitor his Dark Dreamkeepers and make sure that none of them compromises the Nightmare Forces' presence prematurely.


That or so that someone will keep an eye on his 'potential recruits', and by that, I mean the orphans who have yet to discover their powers with the most useful ones being taken into the fold of the Darks.

Could also explain why Ravat wanted Mace to finally discover his power so that they can measure how useful he's going to be.

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CalicoYorki11/15/14 11:06pm
So I'm surprised no one has noted the last preview image, and how it's basically an adult skunk-guy. My personal bet is that he's either a Nightmare with active camouflage - i.e., a basic setting dreamkeeper guise that then changes appearance in different ways to suit his current environment - or a dreamkeeper with a...Threatening Power. I recall a One Piece villainess from a recent film whose abilities allowed her to reduce someone's age by 10 years, until she was rendered unconscious unexpectedly or something.

What if this guy, if he is indeed a Dark Dreamkeeper, can modify someone's age? He modified his own age to spy as an orphan, and he could potentially and temporarily age himself up to hide in plain sight as a harmless old man. I suggest him adjusting the age of others, just because I'd like to see how dark Dave could go with that kind of Power...In the hands of the wrong kind of person. Because think...Who would want to reduce someone to being a child, at any time they wanted? Yeah, sickening. And yes, that would be a very twisted, nefarious Dark Dreamkeeper.

He could be Nabonidus in disguise, but I think we need more context on where Tinsel is going in that snazzy as fuck suit to know whether she might need Nabonidus supervising in disguise. Oh. Oh wait. What if she's going to court? And what if Nabonidus is acting as her lawyer? He could be a prosecutor against the girls, trying to put them in a situation where they can easily be killed. This is wild mass guessing, however, and I'd like to exclude this and say we have those three basic options:

1.) Unknown Nightmare w/ active camouflage
2.) Dark Dreamkeeper w/ age-adjustment Power
3.) Nabonidus w/ potent prosecutor powers

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Asora11/16/14 7:27am
Oh wait, I forgot to post this on the thread, sorry!


Okay guys, lets go check prelude!

*checks prelude update*


I had to, just, just....excuse me for one sec.

*gets up, walks out*

*2 hours later*

*walks back in, sit down*



*smiles in excitement*


Okay then! That image just freaking blew not only mines, but I think almost everyone else's as well. So, judging by the way Steve is shown here, it looks to me like he is sort-of "tired", or 'disoriented" if you put it like that.

I think way he is shown in front of Tinsel sort-of lowers the chances of him being Nabonidus in disguise. I mean, think about it! Why would Nabonidus look tired and looking down at the ground right in front of Tinsel? It seems a little weird, don't you think?

I am actually going forward with one of Calico's theories actually. It's seem more reasonable that it could be a Dark Dreamkeeper that could have the power of changing his body's age appearance.

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Kirito7/15/15 11:00am

The ban was lifted. Let's do this.

It has been confirmed! Steve was in fact Nabonidus the whole time! Congrats to those who correctly speculated.

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Prometheus7/15/15 11:43am
As suspected. The clues were too obvious. The close-up of the mystery orphan, Nabonidus knowing about Tinsel's sabotage and deception, etc. Good to know we're capable of solving mysteries and having the story confirm our findings to be correct. XP

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