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Subscribe to this thread Google plus? created by FelGrey on June 1, 2014

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FelGrey6/1/14 5:49am
I am sure that nearly everyone has a Google account. Has anyone else tried Google Plus?

I find that there is much room for conversation, such as a forum. However, there's also the social aspect. I find that role-playing is also easy on G+.

Does anyone wanna give a try? I can mock up a fan Dreamkeepers community for the moment.

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MobileCrusader6/1/14 8:13am
I have an account but I've never once used it. I think it generated when it connected to YouTube all that time ago.

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FelGrey6/1/14 9:29am
Yeah, Google automatically links all their services to any one account you make. When I get a chance, I'm going to clean up the basic community I made and include links to the Dreamkeepers page. It can be made "official" if anyone wants to. Otherwise its jjust fan group lol

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FelGrey6/1/14 7:29pm

Here you go. hope people like it, i really do enjoy the G* experience

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ThatDudesDude6/2/14 12:27pm
Well, since you asked so nicely. Might join up :)

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FelGrey6/2/14 1:44pm
please be patient lol. im working on getting it up and more functional. and more popular

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CoSinus6/3/14 7:01am
Im in for a try ! :)

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FelGrey6/3/14 11:54am
Sweet! Its gonna be a little slow until more can be coerced into it... But its a start!

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ThatDudesDude6/3/14 12:55pm
And the number riiiiiiiiiises. We are now big enough to occupy an ENTIRE sofa!

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MobileCrusader6/3/14 3:14pm
Now you just need a love seat and an easy chair's worth, and you have a living room!

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ThatDudesDude6/4/14 1:19am
Occupying a total space of 2 square meters, so that we'll get to know each others veeeery well....yes

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FelGrey6/4/14 9:03am
mwahahaha. working on it XD

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MobileCrusader6/4/14 3:54pm
The double deck-er sofa....

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Koreth7/25/14 11:37am
I have a G+ account and took a look. I sent a join request.

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Hakuzo11/7/15 5:37pm
I have google+ as its tied to my phone.

Request sent.

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