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Subscribe to this thread I am Anarchy created by Anarchy on May 23, 2014

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Anarchy5/23/14 7:47am
So i found dreamkeepers a while back but didn't get to read it all and something possessed me (probably Namah) to come back and im so glad i did. I spent all night reading the prelude web comic and i can't wait to buy volume 3 so i can see what events unfold.

Anyways a little bit about me;
I'm friendly to anyone who is friendly to me
I love playing xbox especially halo and GTA (GT is RUL Anarchy if you wanna add me)
I've been in the furry fandom for about 2 years now
I'm psychotic but in the good way (if that makes sense)
I'm 17
I like to draw and play rugby
I love science
Yup thats pretty much it i look forward to meeting people!

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CoSinus5/23/14 8:36am
Welcome to the DK Forum !
I wish you a lot of fun in here :)

(Mobile, your turn! :D )

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ZycantAlpha5/23/14 10:47am
Once again, we in the DK forums welcomes anarchy. But this time in a new form.

Hope you enjoy yourself Anarchy!

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Canthui5/23/14 10:55am
Hello Anarchy, and welcome. Halo happens to be one of my favorite game series, maybe I'll see you online.

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Korangar5/23/14 6:21pm
Welcome Anarchy.
Don't forget about the Live Chat, Thursday at 9:00 pm EST.
(Sorry Mobile XD)

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FoxPhantom5/23/14 8:09pm
Welcome to the club :3
Hope you enjoy yourself ^^

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FelGrey5/23/14 9:24pm
Heyla, you sound fun! Good to have ya around, I'm sure

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MobileCrusader5/24/14 5:40am
Ha ha! I am late.

Welcome, one and all! Don't feel like a stranger here! Join in on the Thursday livechats(9pm est).

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Anarchy5/25/14 9:34am
Thanks for the nice welcome guys but can someone tell me how to change my avatar because every time i try it just doesn't work

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MobileCrusader5/25/14 1:40pm
Seems like you figured it out, but in cade you haven't I'll say it again.

First, find an image of the appropriate dimensions and file size. I believe the profile page lists it.

Go to the profile page, click the profile tab if its somehow not selected, and and upload the new image using the button labeled choose file. You may have to clear avatar before that step, I don't remember.

Then you input your password at the bottom of the page where it says "confirm current password" and save the changes.

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Anarchy5/25/14 2:48pm
wait so it shows you that i have one? it still says for me Avatar here

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Canthui5/25/14 5:13pm
Yep, theres a grey wolf with a red streak in his black hair.

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MobileCrusader5/27/14 11:33am

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