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Subscribe to this thread I greet all Kindly! created by FelGrey on May 14, 2014

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FelGrey5/14/14 12:46pm
Greetings! My name is Fel.... A long time reader and fan. Hoping to connect with a bunch of similarly interested peoples and make new friends!!

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Canthui5/14/14 1:05pm
Welcome to the forum!

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FoxPhantom5/14/14 5:09pm
Hello FelGrey, Welcome to the DreamKeeper Forum :3

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MobileCrusader5/14/14 5:36pm
Hi there! You have come to the right place!

How long have you been reading? Who's your favorite character?

Don't forget about the Live Chat, Thursday at 9:00 pm EST.

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Korangar5/14/14 10:16pm
Welcome bro :D

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ZycantAlpha5/15/14 7:52am
Nice to meet you FelGrey!

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Prometheus5/15/14 1:45pm
Greetings! Glad to have you here! :)

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GodofVelcro5/15/14 3:00pm
Welcome, hope you have a great time

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CoSinus5/15/14 3:01pm
Welcome to the forum and have fun around here :)

Mobile got back to his routined announcement of the LC, time to celebrate that ! xD

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GodofVelcro5/15/14 3:03pm
Only because I was too late this time. I'm coming for you Mobile. >:D

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MobileCrusader5/16/14 4:38am

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CoSinus5/16/14 7:36am
You shall not pass ! xD

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FelGrey5/19/14 12:51pm
@ mobile crusader: Ive been here before, i started poking on the old forum. I have to say that Vi is my favorite. closely followed by Wisp. Those two would be fun in a room together...

Anyway, i've been reading for a few years, bought V1 in 2010.

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MobileCrusader5/19/14 7:53pm
Namah is easily my favorite. Don't know if I've ever voiced that, but I guess its kinda obvious.

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