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Subscribe to this thread A shadow rises from ashes once again created by FoxPhantom on May 12, 2014

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FoxPhantom5/12/14 5:41am
Hello, Fox Phantom here. I decided to come back, if it's ok.
I have read the comics before, which has always been amazing.
I once been part of the previous forum, and I noticed it was no longer used as of last year. So I came over here to this one, wondering if anyone would remember me.

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MobileCrusader5/12/14 6:23am
Well, there are a few old faces around, but a lot of new ones like me! This forum has been quite active recently, which I see as a good trend.

When did you last leave?

Don't forget about the Thursday live chat at 9 pm est.

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FoxPhantom5/12/14 6:44am
Sadly it was some time. I forgot the date and year I left. (I remember why I have left, but all of them I can not say.)
Also, won't be around thursday. (busy day schedule.)

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ZycantAlpha5/12/14 8:48am
Well, either way, it's good to have you back in the fold.

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Prometheus5/12/14 1:05pm
Welcome back! :)

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MobileCrusader5/12/14 6:40pm
So how does this forum stack up in your opinion?

Sorry you cannot attend the festivities.

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Canthui5/12/14 6:59pm
Welcome, nice thread name lol.

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Korangar5/12/14 7:22pm
Welcome home.

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FoxPhantom5/12/14 7:35pm
It always has been one of a kind Mobile. (to me it really always has been).
Also, just wait until halloween hits. (I make Dream Keeper fanart for Halloween)

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GodofVelcro5/12/14 10:55pm
Welcome back!

Everyone seems to have beaten me though... been busy. :P

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MobileCrusader5/13/14 4:11am
*victory fanfare, confetti*

Art is great.

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