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Subscribe to this thread Random things that have happened to you. created by GodofVelcro on May 10, 2014

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Salahir7/1/14 4:56pm
Wow, geez. Good story writing, Mobile. Now I'm confused, too. What exactly is a tax return transcript and why the hell a student needs that? Bleh, totally reminds me of the bureaucracy in Germany I needa deal with. We even got opposing law advises in veterinary law lately, which confuses nearly all of my study colleagues (me included) and the most of the vets. I think the rest is just experienced enough not to bother about stupid politician ideas.

But I can tell you another story I have had recently. I was talking with my girlfriend about creepy stories that we experienced. That's sometimes really funny to hear such stories and getting that shiver of a mystery in your neck. I told her the story of the phone call, cause she didn't know that yet. After wondering what that person could be, she wanted to start telling me about an event she had.
Suddenly I got a flashback. I knew, I had dreamed about this actual scene. Before she can start, I stuttered: "Please hold on, wait. I know this."
"Eh, what do you mean?" She was pretty confused.
"I know that story, sweetheart. I've seen it. Two girls sitting in front of a TV. The night was dark and the window was tilted." I was already creeped about it believing I know the story, but thought it is just an imagination.
"What...what you're way." Know she was all but confused. More a bit shocked.
"Yes, after the TV got a bit darker, there was a hand in the tilted window, from an older man, with thicker fingers, trying to open the window somehow." I was telling that with more and more disconcertment. She was just silently listening now.
"Both screaming in fear, one girl sprung up and closed the window violently, crushing the hand. It went away, the window closed." A creepy pause, where no one of us talks.
"I saw a newspaper telling a fled rapist and women murderer went to a hospital with a major injury at the hand and was caught by that." I shrugged my shoulders and hoped she would laugh and tell, that I'm a little joker trying to trick her.
"Yes, that's it. The girl closing the window was me. It was some years ago with my best friend. You dreamed that I will tell you this?"
"Yes. I...geez, that's creepy now. Why do I know that by dream?" I was really confused. Luckily I didn't scared her about me. She was just impressed somehow that I can tell her the story in detail that I just can't know. Freaky. I was her little farseer for some days after that xD

Some things even I as a student of medical treatment just accept and don't try to question \_(*_*)_/

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MobileCrusader7/4/14 6:47am

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PotatoFox7/14/14 9:27am
During a flying lesson today, my instructor asked what I wanted to do in future. My reply to that is generally pretty vague, though I do of course have an idea of what I would ideally like to do, that being flying SAR (Search and Rescue) missions on a new helicopter called the AW189. My instructor had never heard of the AW189 and most people on this forum probably haven't either and with good reason: only one has been built.
The SAR mission in the UK is currently covered by Royal Air Force and Royal Navy aircraft and personnel but the aircraft they fly need replacing (they were built in the 60's and are slightly falling apart quite badly) so the government has handed the mission from next year to the helicopter contractor Bristow Helicopters (who have 6 more helicopters than the entire British military) who want to fly newly built S92 and AW189 in the SAR role.
I commented that it would probably be many years before either of us ever see an AW189 because of their rarity (ONE helicopter!) and their status of barely-not-a-prototype-anymore.
Twenty minutes later, a Bristow helicopters AW189 contacted the airfield radio for joining information, flew once around the airfield and then departed from whence it came (literally: it flew from Norwich and was heading to Norwich).
So much for my comment.

A short while later, a military squadron called the "Red Arrows" flew through our airspace while I was flying in the correct direction to see them. I managed to nab a quick photo
They were returning from RIAT, the worlds largest annual airshow, to their base in Scampton.

As a plane spotter, I was pretty cheery

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MobileCrusader7/14/14 2:25pm

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GodofVelcro7/14/14 10:39pm
I love it when things like that happen. Speaking of which, I really wish that in the future I could have some pie.
*checks fridge*

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GodofVelcro8/9/14 8:22pm
So, earlier today, I was sitting on the couch watching TV, and I see a car with a New Mexico license plate pull up into the driveway. Wondering who it was, I walked outside to meet them. A woman got out, looked at me, and took out a large package saying, "This is for you." After she gave it to me, she got back in the car, and drove away. Inside the package was a nerf sword and a card that only said "Nikolai Stoyanovich". That is a name I only made up, a name I use only for Skype and Steam, neither of which have my real address. I know its not a friend screwing with me, because of the license plate. I have been staring at the sword for an hour now, half-expecting it to start glowing. Send help.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier8/10/14 8:00am
I think it's a sign a mob's comin after you XD

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GodofVelcro8/11/14 10:31pm
I think so too. Wouldn't be surprised.

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