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FelGrey5/31/14 8:47pm
Fel fell toward the back of the group, informing Jamie.

"Ill be rear guard, ill keep one turn back and try to keep us from getting surprised. Sound good?"

He hefted the bow, nocking an arrow and waiting patiently

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ZycantAlpha6/1/14 9:41am
A trap. Why was that not surprising. Pietas nodded in understanding. "All right, we'll be careful. Just let us know what we need to do."

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CavalryUnderFire6/1/14 11:52am
Calv paused, stopping completely. "Okay. We know it's a trap. We know there are people in there. Are we sure there's the Nightmare? Are we sure we have a single thing to gain out of this? Why are we going in if we think they know we're coming?" Her hands dropped out of a fighting postition. "I do more planning than this before buying a dang /infoscroll/--where the hell are you dragging us?"

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joeden6/1/14 4:59pm
“I never said it was a trap, I said there might be a trap; one rule I learnt in the shocks, is to assume everything is a trap, before heading in. We’re heading in to get Intel on what they’re planning; a single nightmare murdering citizens left and right, doesn’t that seem a little weird to you? Stories told of these beasts to be smart cunning and ruthless, they could be planning something bigger and using this as a cover to hide what they’re actually planning and unleash something a lot more murderous on the city.” Jamie said eying the door as the last security patrol left the area and he said, “Let’s go.” Jamie then got up heading for the door, once he got to the door he pulled a unique little blade and jammed it between the door and the lock kicking the blade the lock smashed letting the door swing open. Jamie holding his springer ready he checked his left and right and moved into the dark room.

Once everyone entered they’d notice that the room was barley lit and full of boxes and old furniture, at the far end there was an elevator and a staircase to the right.

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CavalryUnderFire6/1/14 5:51pm
Calv rolled her eyes, murmured to Eywin, "He learned from a dumbass," but trailed along. She stepped more forward as they entered, looking around. "We should take the stairs. They can just cut the cord on an elevator."

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House6/1/14 6:03pm
Eywin started forward as well, keeping close to Calv. He had his own springer at the ready , held low, but tight. While he didn't have the tactical training for breaching and clearing that the Shocks had, he was quite the good shot. Quick draw, too. He was confident if someone whipped a gun at him, he could put two in their chest before they'd do much harm. At least that was the hope.

"I agree, stairs're safer, sneakier," he said.

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FelGrey6/1/14 6:42pm
Fel followed from the rear, backing into the room with bow half drawn. He swung the door closed, making sure the lock was truly broken and not going to latch again. He pivoted in place, scanning the directions in which the least people were looking.

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Canthui6/1/14 7:37pm
Whezley drew his sword. He figured if they were going to be in a stair well his sword and power would prove more useful than a springer he had never used.

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ZycantAlpha6/2/14 7:21am
Pietas readied a springer and positioned his body for a possible tackle. His sister on the other hand readied hers from the back of the pack. She may have been willing to go along with this but she wasn't stupid, so she knew that she wasn't going to be as physically strong as some of the others.

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joeden6/2/14 2:31pm
Jamie kept his eyes open and catching a glimpse of something off to the side, holding a hand up to stop everyone, he kneeled down and found a string. “Stand back,” Jamie said as pulled the string and to say the least it was a good thing he was kneeling or he’d have a little more off the top then he’d want, as a few spinning blades came out to meet were his head would be. “Alright we need to keep our eyes open as I said, treat everything as a trap.”
A camera watched their every movement; as the person in front of the monitor said, “they’re in shall we begin?” as the man said this, a shadowy figure behind him said, “lets” at that conformation the keeper lit his halo and closed his eyes.
As Jamie stepped over the cord he said, “Best keep your eyes opeeeeennn!” as he said the last part a black hole opened underneath him sending him to the depths of building. Just as the hole had opened it was gone and a few moments’ later holes started opening up underneath everyone taking them down to the depths of the building, dropping them all into dark hallways that led to a white light at the far, far end.

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CavalryUnderFire6/2/14 3:27pm
Calv dropped, catching the ground with her shoulder. She might've rolled with it, but going straight down didn't work well. She sat back a moment, putting one hand against the shoulder she landed on--it was padded well enough, probably a bit sore later, but nothing to deal with now. She pulled her springer up, looking down towards the light.

Her mouth pulled into a grin, and she murmured, "and this is why we do our damn research before chugging into a 'dark hideout'." She squinted down at it, staying where she was. Her eyes went up--no place to climb back up. "Eywin?" she called, then after a moment, "Fel?" Her ears perked--no response. Her eyes went to the light again, and she lifted the weapon and fired two shots into it.

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House6/2/14 3:37pm
Eywin let out a string of curses as he plummeted, flailing himself around and landing with a hollow thud on his back. That hurt, but the wind left his lungs too quickly for a scream to catch. So he lay there for a moment, blinking the clarity back into his eyes, and muscling out rumbling groans.

He'd been flattened in rings harder, woken up with a sorer body, but that didn't mean he was just going to shrug off the pain. His legs creaked, and when he bent to sit up, his back stung in protest.

"Fokin'...Spirats..." he mumbled, catching sight of the light, and aiming his spinger up at it. "Tha hell's goin' on here? Calv? Nutcase? Fok me..."

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FelGrey6/2/14 6:56pm
Fel Lost his footing, and collapsed into the hole. He had a split moment of panic, throwing his hands and feet out against the walls. This only succeeded in getting him thrown further off balance. He crashed against the floor with a huge thud, breath leaving his body.

He flailed wildly, gasping and choking for air. after a moment, he scrambled to his feet, still clutching a broken bow. He tossed this to the side, and drew out the club he brought with him. This he held in his left hand, and with the right he grabbed a few of his ball bearings from the pouch at his side.

He studied the space around him intently, looking for anything to help him.

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Canthui6/3/14 5:51am
Whezley crawled around until he found his sword. He had thrown it away from himself as he fell. After he found its familiar handle he stood up and called out to everyone. There was no answer. There was some light very far away, but he didn't like the idea of continuing further into this trap. He took a few deep breaths and slowly started moving forward as there was nothing else he could think of to do.

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ZycantAlpha6/3/14 7:22am
Pietas and Veritas fell. It probably wasn't far, but they weren't really concerned about that. What did concern them was that they were separated from each other.
Pietas looked around the hallway, though he couldn't really see anything. In a desperate plea, he tried triggering his power. While freezing an object wouldn't come in handy, the light from his halo might be able to let him see, or at least that was his logic. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Either the light wasn't going to increase light or the tunnel was just too dark, but he couldn't see anything or anyone. He began calling out to people, hoping someone would hear him.

"Jamie? Whez? Anyone?"

No one answered.

Veritas felt a different feeling. She felt fear. It wasn't much, but losing her one connection to the world made her feel uncomfortable and nervous. Not only that, but she wasn't sure she could handle herself if a fight broke out while she was alone. She took a deep breath, but it did little to calm her nerves. She decided to try to sign, on the off chance her brother or Jamie happened to be nearby and could see it.

(Brother? Are you there? Bro?)

Unsurprisingly , she didn't get a response.
It was around that time that the siblings noticed the light. It was faint, but there was definitely a light source at the end of the tunnel. They both decided that they couldn't risk trying to go back, and pressed on towards the light, hoping it would lead them to the others.

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