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FelGrey5/26/14 10:41pm
"Well, what do you think you would get for one picture of a living nightmare?"

Fel cocked his head to the side, and waited a moment before asking another question."What would the government pay you for pictures and Intel of dark Dreamkeeper bases? I'm sure that Calc can tell you it would be sizeable. You don't need to do anything, bit sit behind a bunch of armor and firepower. Hell, you can stay a few blocksback with a good set of lenses. No one willknow that you're there."

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Corvus5/26/14 10:53pm
"While it would be worth quite a bit, I can't really cash in on it if I am dead. I will take my chances elsewhere rather than going up against whatever that thing is, no offence, but if all the shocks are helpless against it, I doubt any safety offered would be at best momentary here." Wren Said before following after Trevor.

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joeden5/27/14 3:37pm
Trevor came back upstairs and nodded to Jamie before sitting down on at the table. Voodoo, had also came up with a stretcher setting it up both him and Trevor got the kid on the table onto it and moved him towards and up the stairs.

Jamie had then said, “we got a few hours ahead of us, it’s still day and we’re not starting till it gets dark. We’ve also kept an eye on these guys in the past just to the point of knowing their base which I’ll need to fill everyone in on. Hopefully we don’t encounter the Nightmare on this raid, I may not show it but those things scare the shit out of me. Also seeing as we’re down one is there anyone who’s good with pictures?”

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ZycantAlpha5/27/14 5:35pm
Veritas noticed the question and decided to answer.

(It's not like I'm a professional or anything, but I know the theory. If nobody else is willing to step up, I'll take a shot at it.)

This was technically a true statement. Through her studies, she had learned to take some photographs, though she wasn't really good at the 'art' part.

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joeden5/29/14 8:30am
Jamie looked to Veritas and smiled as he said, “Good all we need you to do is take pictures of whatever’s bolted down and grab any piece of document you come across; we got a good camera downstairs for use.” Jamie looked to Ollow who nodded and left with Specter carrying a wheel chair. Jamie looked around the room and said, “Before we get going i'm going to grab some stuff from downstairs my brother and Specter are going to be meeting us there i'll be right up." Jamie then went downstairs to grab radios and a camera.

eight hours later at the hide out.

Jamie had led everyone to an alley just across the street from a four story business building with a chain link fence around it. The building itself looked to be relativity new and unmistakable from any other big business building in the area except for the video cameras and extra security patrols all around the grounds.

Jamie taking a look said, "now we wait till Ollow and Specter gets here to deliver the reconnaissance report."

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House5/29/14 12:05pm
Eywin was hunched as they walked, he wasn't sure exactly how stealthy they were as a group, and he didn't want to take any chances. As well, he stayed near Calv, eyes darting to her every handful of moments, hoping to catch her eyes, and find a way to silently inquire what /their/ next step would be.

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ZycantAlpha5/29/14 1:42pm
Veritas nodded and ran down. As Jamie had said, there was a camera waiting for her. She couldn't tell exactly what camera it was, since this was a new experience for her, but she quickly assessed the room and took a few snapshots of the objects that were secured within the room. Veritas glanced at her work. They were a little out of focus, but the objects were visible and identifiable. Not bad for someone new to the job. She then grabbed the documents lying around the room and proceeded to head upstairs, but not before sneaking a peak at what the papers said.

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CavalryUnderFire5/29/14 1:44pm
Calv caught his gaze as they neared the house--she'd kept her hands free through the trek, but now they'd stopped she shook her head slightly, just a hint that none but Eywin would catch. She shifted closer a bit as she did, her hand catching his and their fingers interlacing.

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Canthui5/29/14 3:27pm
Whezley was getting nervous... or was he excited? He wasn't sure, they felt so similar. The place looked pretty secure, he wondered how they would get in. He flexed and stretched his fingers in anticipation and waited.

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FelGrey5/31/14 6:33am
Fel moved quickly and quietly, he had made sure to pad between the plates. He spotted the building, then began to explore movement options on either side. One building wad quite sheer, but the other looked easily climbable.

He approached Jamie and tapped him twice on the shoulder. "This building on the right is ok, if someone can get up there they've got a bird's eye view. Is there any long distance shooter here?"

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CavalryUnderFire5/31/14 9:02am
Calv scanned the buildings, then raised one hand. "I can--but how deep in the building are we going? Sniper won't do good if the rest of you are in the basement."

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FelGrey5/31/14 9:37am
Fel nodded in agreement, before replying.

"I agree. However, we need to take out what's on the outside before we head in. How good of a shot are you? If someone can take out the security cams after the patrols, they won't know our point of entry."

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joeden5/31/14 9:53am
Jamie looked and said, “Not sure how far into the building we’re going, once my brother and Spect gives us the reconnaissance report we’ll be good to go, until then my guess is we’re going to need it.”

The sounds of a wheel chair being pushed came up behind the group as Ollow said, “hello.” He was pushing Specter in a wheelchair as he looked at the group and said, “Which do you want first? The good news? Or the bad news?” Jamie turned and looked at him as Ollow said, “the good news is the building is four stories above ground, one basement and three more below that all filled with people that are as innocent as a nightmare is cuddly. We just need to worry about the main levels those are filled with your everyday joes. The bad news is that security is tight all the way around the building except for a back door which seems pretty loose; we can probably get in there without drawing attention to ourselves.”

Jamie nodded and said, “Alright you find a hiding spot with Specter and give us info via radio; for the rest of us let’s move around back and head in. Also note this might be a trap so keep your eyes open.” Jamie then led the group around to the back of the building to the door that seemed to lead down some steps and into the first basement, he got into position checking for everyone else saying, “keep your heads down and move quick we’ll breech the door and head for the stairs.”

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House5/31/14 10:21am
Eywin was pretty lost again. When Jamie said it might be a trap, he couldn't help but wonder why. How could it be a trap? Were they expected? If this was a part of something much more longstanding than Jamie had let on to begin with, Eywin was going to have some heated words with him.

Nevertheless he took up with the others, looking around the the so-called heavy security. "By breach I hope ye don't mean a loud an' fiery explosion. Some of us are pretty much dependin' on the element of surprise here tae survive. Y'know, the normal people," he said, though his hand hovered over his springer.

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Canthui5/31/14 11:12am
Whezley didn't like the idea that they might be expected. He wondered if Jamie had broken into this place more than once. Perhaps their intell came from a disreputable source. There was no time to think more about it though as they were on the move.

Whez stayed towards the back of the group as he didn't want to be the first to make any snap decisions as they ran into who knew what.

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