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CavalryUnderFire5/25/14 8:27pm
Calv let out a small laugh, pausing a moment behind him, before jogging to catch up and matching his pace once back beside him inside. "Oh, that was just a quick taste buddy--what meal comes without a good appetizer?" She was flirting, and quite blatantly, but there was a small skip in her step, a twitch her to smile that was just a bit too content to really be read that way.

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House5/25/14 8:36pm
"Well I've never been anywhere five-star before, wouldn't know," he said, smiling back and taking a seat.

His impatience for the group's next step suddenly began to wane away. He was alright just enjoying their company, and the safety -though perhaps it was Calv's company he most preferred. He looked her over again, armor and all she was quite an imposing sight. He liked that, the strength, and her assertion back at the bar. It was nice to meet anyone with a spine, not just a girl, but she was the first he'd met in a while that didn't gallivant around with it.

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CavalryUnderFire5/25/14 8:41pm
Calv grinned, leaning back against the wall again. She considered grabbing Eywin's hand again, but decided against it--they'd be moving quick enough. "So team, when's the next move?"

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FelGrey5/26/14 7:04pm
Fel thanked Voodoo sincerely, attaching the quiver of shock arrows to his belt behind the pouch of ball bearings. He felt outfitted properly for raiding darks, as well as tackling the nightmare with a unit.

He returned to the main area where most were gathered, and sat down. He crossed his bow across his lap as Eywin and Calv returned. He looked around the room, and realized that he hadn't met most present. After Calv's question, his gaze crossed over the one who had asked about what a photographer can do. Circling the room, he also took note of who he assumed were either siblings, or good friends. Then his gaze crossed over a slightly noisy, intelligent looking keeper. After a moment of silence, he stood and worked his way to the general center of the group.

"My name is Fel. I am recently entered into this group, and will do whatever I can to kill this nightmare threat" he grimaced, filled with anger and disgust. "I propose that we quickly learn of each other,address our problems, and at the least become familiar with each other. Then, we may become a cohesive unit and curbstomp this Damned thing back to the void."

He spoke clearly and loudly. As he did, he rotated and made eye contact with all present.

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Canthui5/26/14 8:41pm
"Good to meet you Fel, I'm Whezley and good idea. I also just joined today, but I haven't seen the nightmare yet. I was chased here by normal Keepers." Whezley smiled. "You can call me Whez if you like. I look forward to working with all of you in any way I can."

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House5/26/14 9:00pm
Eywin waved to Fel as well, looking also to Whezley. "Name's uh, Eywin, not too used tae this sorta thing. Don't much like havin' to be serious about fightin', and don't have much experience with legitimacy either. But well, not safe tae leave until thes thing's dead so, guess I'm on board with ye too."

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CavalryUnderFire5/26/14 9:02pm
Calv paused a moment, then followed the leads of those around her. "Calv Hopkins, Shock." Simple offer, but she wasn't exactly scrambling to give them all her life story.

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FelGrey5/26/14 9:23pm
Fel nodded to Whezley, reaching forward and clasping the keeper's right forearm with his right hand, using his left hand to press Whezley's hand around his forearm in a strong grip. He made steady eye contact, and spoke honestly.

"Good to meet you, Whez. I look forward to working with you."

He then moved to repeat the clasping of arms with Eywin and Calv.

"Pleasant to see you two again."He sniffed curiously "is that fermentae I smell? Having fun, eh?" He winked at the two good naturedly, his mouth twitching into a smile.

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House5/26/14 9:34pm
Eywin grinned back, and he'd be lying if he'd said Fel didn't bring out a lighters side to him. Guy might have been using his power, but he was well enough, made for good conversation, and he new the scent of the bar's pissy drink.

"Aye, just a tad. We've got a job tae do, yeh?" he said.

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Corvus5/26/14 9:39pm
"Taking pictures I could do, but keeping files safe? No way could I do so against nightmares and Shocks... probably better if I take my chances to get out while I still can." Wren said.

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joeden5/26/14 9:46pm
Jamie looking to Wren sighed and nodded, “alright we’ll get you out if you want to follow Trevor, he’ll get you out through the telepad. Just two pieces of advice in No Toll, don’t drop anything and stay away from the bar Black crack’s sink. We’ll also send someone to check up on you once we got your name cleared, so you can go back to your day to day.” Trevor then walked up and led the way for Wren through the basement.

Jamie turned to Fel taking his greeting with a smile and said, “Nice to meet you, name’s Jamie Hellsing and my brother is on the couch and Spect is trying to open a pop bottle over there.”

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Corvus5/26/14 9:50pm
"Sorry I couldn't be of more help. But farewell." as Wren Followed Trevor.

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FelGrey5/26/14 9:56pm
"A job indeed, a little lubrication may well be needed, for the tasks ahead." Fel responded to Eywin.

He turned toward Jamie and Wren when they spoke, catching the last of Wren's statement and Jamie's reply. He step forward and put his arm forth the Jamie, nodding to him and the three others he mentioned."Thank you for your hospitality and gear. It will be most useful! Good to meet you all"

After, he strode to the leaving Wren and offered his arm again, raising his eyebrow and asking a question. "Why do you peddle information for others, photographer?"

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Corvus5/26/14 10:09pm
"I'm actually a courier by trade, but for fun, and a bit of income I take pictures to sell. Anyways this stuff is way out of my league so I probably should get going" Wren answered.

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joeden5/26/14 10:14pm
Trevor was already downstairs and had the Telpad ready, as he waited for Wren with a springer in hand ready to hand to him. When he got down and ready to leave for No Toll.

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